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Take your needle my child and
work at your pattern it will come out a
rose by and by. Life is like
stitch at a time taken patiently.

~Oliver Wendell Holmes 1867~

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Monday, March 20, 2017

Crochet of the yarn variety this time

Greetings !

While my first love is crocheting with thread, I have been moving the most recently with yarn, sometimes I go between the two. I belong to a prayer shawl group at my Church, and so I am working yarn most of the time. My favorite go to yarn is Caron Simply Soft, I don't use anything else. ( I am not compensated by Caron ).  I love the finished product it's soft and has a sheen, it is lovely for prayer shawls. I like to make caplets to and this yarn makes lovely finished product. I like the feel of it as I move my hook, soft and giving to create beautiful shawls.

I finished up a shawl I was working on for next month, and decided to make a wreath for the door. There are a lot of patterns and kinds out there and I settled in on one where I crochet the sleeve and the sew the loose ends together over the wreath. I then in a different Simply Soft color crochet a foundation to crochet the border.

I tried to keep it simple, and just crochet 4 flowers. This was a fast easy fun project to do.

Here's hoping you'll no doubt make something lovely with your favorite yarn, that will brighten your day or that of  someone else.

Movin my hook, until next time

Monday, October 17, 2016

Goodwill Treasure & Simple Woman Day Book

I have not been to Goodwill in a while to drop off or pick up. I saw this and thought it was so charming. I love anything which has cabbage roses. One of these days I'll take a picture of my treasure found at an antique mall in Amish Country, which has flowers painted on it.

I'm blessed to live in a place in which we go through all 4 seasons. Without question Fall/Autumn is my favorite.

Sweet pumpkin farm, I would love to have a pumpkin farm.

 For Today
Looking out my window
We have a beautiful fall sky today, and a breeze as summertime stops to visit for another day.
I am a cloud person, is there a name for that?
I am thinking 
That I enjoy hearing the chimes as they are kissed gently by the breeze today.
I am thankful
For the slow changing of the seasons, the colors of Autumn.

One of my favorite things
  Completing the prayer shawl for
 tomorrows Prayer Shawl meeting at Church
I am wearing
the colors of fall today, my hair is up in a Victorian way. 

  I am hoping 
That fall lingers a while, the green leaves yielding to their bright autumn colors.
In my kitchen
  It will be a quick dinner tonight as I have a Ladies Guild meeting. Sometimes I love quick meals. We bought some smoked sausage in Amish over the weekend. Sounds good heat n eat.

In my garden
 The marigold which began in the spring from seed are prolific. I brought some in last week when we had a hard frost. Does anyone else enjoy the aroma of marigolds?

I enjoy the opportunity to participate in the Simple Woman Daybreak, please stop by and


Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Remember me neighbor?

Hello Everyone
I hope that you are all well, it's been a long time, I see there will need to be some catching up to do, cleaning up this home blog is in order. A little time away has been a good time away, getting things done which needed to be, catching up with life and special moments. It's been very hot here in NE Ohio, and today, we have a much needed cloudy day, for I do rather tire of endless sunshine and hot dry days, it will give the plants some reprieve from the heat. I do hope we get some rain and soon. I am looking forward to the cooler more billowy white cotton ball clouds, and gentle cooling breezes which we are more used to here in Ohio.  Fall is around the corner, my favorite season.  
I've not baked any bread in a while, a long while, but did make a strawberry rhubarb pie yesterday. It must have passed muster because there is only 1 piece left. I usually will can apples for pies, and this year, I think I will add some strawberry rhubarb to the mix, for the days when the oven will get a workout, when the snow flies, or we just need a taste of summer.
I am moving the hook, ( never stopped ),  Putting the hook n yarn to good use, I've joined the Prayer Shawl Ministry at my Parish, we meet every month. I love sitting with the ladies talking crochet and learning new things. My youngest will be starting High School in the fall, and continues to work toward his Eagle Badge in Scouts. He is only 14 and 5'9", he bends down now to kiss his mother, so funny.
Till next time,