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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

With a wing & a prayer Crochet Angel

My Husband's cousin had twin girls in July and Sunday is the Christening. For their shower I crochet them each a blanket, not knowing their gender at the time, I chose that lovely minty green baby yarn, and a varigated with the blue,pink,yellow & same green. One was green with the varigated trim, and the other vice versa. I did'nt take any pictures of them.
So I decided I wanted to make Angels for their special day, and thought it a fitting gift. I had looked for several days for just the right pattern and didn't find one. So I fashioned up my own version.
This is one of them, I have not started the other one yet. And there are ends to be tidied up and what not and maybe some this or that. But I thought I'd share what I came up with.
Do you think it's ok? 
I've since adjusted the wings somewhat since I took the picture. The other one will look different because I've followed no pattern and didn't write this one down. It needs something somethin, maybe after I get all the loose strings tacked down, I have some lovely thin ribbon shiny, and angel color like.