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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Hookin not Froggin

Well, after much frogging, and trying different patterns, I've decided to go back to the original ripple pattern I made all the others with. Living on the edge will have to be done on another project, another time. I'm tired of ripping and beginning again. That dog gone ripple pattern the first two rows you have to pay attention as it sets the table for the pattern row which runs throughout. 

One more row after this one and I will change colors, the next is called Heartfelt Sincere by
Red Heart, the one above is called Blue, my son says blueberry. Tomatoe Tomatow. 

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Soon to be on the hook

I've been going back and forth, frogged a few things, and then am taking a step back and doing a little more research. I'm crocheting an afghan for my youngest, the boy scout.  I've made him I don't know how many already, all outgrown. Something he can take camping with him, he's 5'5 now and almost 13 years old, so I figured that an adult size would now be the way to go. In the past I have done granny ripples which make a lovely colorful afghan. And I considered making another one, and then thought maybe  a plain ripple, and then I found a pattern for a Jacob's Ladder Ripple.
I think that I have in the last week tried all 3 patterns, I keep going back to the Jacob's Ladder. I thought it would be fun to make him an afghan with his name in it, and something a wee bit more solid so his toes don't go through the holes. I was thrown off by the large ladders in the Jacob's Ladder pattern, but have found many tutrorials which help tie up those ends, make a lovely afghan. 
I'm working outside of my comfort level on this one. I have purchased the yarn, and since my son's favorite color is red, and something else bright and colorful, and of course a neon something or other...:)
Pictures will be forthcoming after I have a few rows under my belt.
In the meantime, you can find the pattern Here   

and I'm adding one more....here, I like the way this one looks also. I was working on the Jacob's Ladder last night, I just don't know. Beginning a ripple anything seems to be a bit of a challenge, once you have the first row or two it goes well. who knows what I may turn up with.....

Monday, August 25, 2014

Patterns-I need to write things down

I've been back and forth with the angels from the previous posting. I managed to make 2 more, they were flat ones. My husband said he liked the one from yesterdays post better. I am to critical of my work, and so I've been fussing most of the morning with these.
 I have two angels crocheted,
 and now need to tie up the loose ends of them.
 I've changed up from the original and before I post this it will change again.
I don't have pictures of the blankets I made, but I can tell you that I got the pattern
Here those of you who have been by Olga's place know of the eye candy there. It is a lovely place, and she is gracious hostess who does have some lovely patterns to share for free,
and they are labeled as such.
 So, here is the finished products.  I thought I might like to make angels because I knew the great grandmothers of these babies. One of them was my husbands Grandmother, and the other the maternal Grandmother of the babies mom.  I can recall that they always wore angel pins. And since they are no longer with us, I thought the babies might like to know a little bit about their
Great Grandmothers, so in their memory I made the Angels.

And now...the finished products.....I apologize for the pictures, my disclaimer is I'm not a photographer and don't play one on TV.

On to the next....
Stop it!  I found crochet earrings!  I could be hooked on this. I know I'm a day late and dollar short.
Oh the lovliness of these..I'm looking for patterns, and I've seen some beauties beads and all  oh my.

....one more item of interest.. my neighbor had a garage sale, they rummage around and find items to sell,  this was there 3 days. I spotted the first day but....holding to my what am I going to do with this while I myself are disposing of the my uneeded items?  It didn't cost me a penny..  Looks like it was homemade, maybe a little nic nack shelf, perhaps made by a son for his mom in the days gone by?
I like to think a little bit about the history of items. At any rate it caught my eye, I like the scroll work. I'm pondering what I might repurpose this for, I have a lovely little glass knob that might look pretty on it. They have a screen on the back of it, no doubt to prevent items from falling out.