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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Just off the hook

Good Day All!
Happy Fall!

Oh this is my absolute favorite time of year. Leaves here are changing slowly and beautifully, even with our diminished temperatures, which are perfect for sleeping.

I just pulled this off the hook on Friday. Ever thought of making a capelet?  I have been looking for a pattern and this one caught my eye, and you can find it here.

 There is a charge for the pattern, however it works up like a charm, and is well written. I chose Simply Soft Yarn by Caron. It makes lovely garments, soft and shimmery. I am making one in this color which is Plum, and I purchased a new Bone color since the first was a messy tangle. I managed to salvage some, and pitched the rest, but not without a note to Caron. They have been in contact with me to address my concerns.
I'm still working on the granny ripple ghan for my son.  I wanted to fashion up this capelet first to give me a break from the loud bold colors of the afghan, and work something up, more to my taste for a change of pace.


Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Detangler anyone?

I'm type of crocheter, and maybe you will agree whether you knit or crochet, or work with yarn, who doesn't work off the skein as it is purchased. It would be an interesting poll to find out how many of us have learned that the hard way. If you haven't you may be on borrowed time. I learned my lesson when I was in the middle of a project, only to discover the darndest tangle of yarn smack dab in the middle of the skein. Cutting was the only thing I could do. 
Having said that, I've spent 7 hours so far, running interference for a knot and tangled mess before I started my project, while rolling the ball. I'm not finished, and at $3.47 a skein, tossing is not an option, I've done that before when I just couldn't see my way through the tangle. Fortunately, I only purchased 6 oz of Caron Simply Soft, and not the one pounder of Caron. I love the simply soft, and it produces a lovely garment or accessory when finished but really?  
This happened just recently with another color I purchased of the Simply Soft. It delays my projects, and oh darn it anyhow. I have more on the ball now, and have decided this is not a tosser. I have it hanging on a hanger hoping gravity will help. And later this evening instead of working on the project, I'll go at it again.
And yet, as much as this frustrates me, it also teaches me to slow down, enjoy the process, and brings about a calmness as I run my fingers through the maze of Simply Soft goodness, almost like a jigsaw puzzle, only with yarn. Working with yarn is enjoyable tactile experience, and while I'm eager to begin, I know soon enough I hope to have this detangled. Any of you have any suggestions how you untangle yarn, or do you?

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I'm with the cat on the left, and don't find nearly as amusing as the other cat. To each their own.

Friday, September 5, 2014

adding the glow worm green a color only a teenage could love

I'm not going to bore you with pictures of the ripple ghan every day, but I'm on the 3rd color coming up and it's Gloworm by Red Heart.
I have only one more color addition and it Red which is the favored of my Boy Scout. I'll post again when she's all done.