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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Crochet Cowl Ponch #2 on the hook

Good Day All!
Not to much going on here, just stopping in to show the progress of the 2nd cowl poncho in progress.
Nothing much else to talk about today, weather is going on, it's wintertime and soon the groundhog will tell us how much more of this fun we'll have. Either way the seasons find their way back around again, the birds and sunshine will find it's way around my homestead again, and it will be blooming season, Spring my other favorite.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Lisa's Lovely Crochet

See 2 posts back about how I acquired these lovelies.
Pretty aren't they?
And the poncho cowl is almost complete
Crochet Abounds

She did a beautiful job on the squares don't you think?  So far, I'm considering making her a pillow using some of the squares with a floral background, she loves flowers and herbs and is quite knowledgeable about those things.

Photo disclaimer: I'm not a photographer by any means.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Never to early to think Christmas Doily

 I was visiting blog neighbors and ran across a most delightful pattern for a doily, it is reminiscent of a doily I made a few years back  in it's style and layout, but in Christmas colors. If you have never been to visit, please stop by and do so,
 Beautiful thread crochet patterns for purchase and free, these are so lovely, and one of the reasons I purchase patterns from here is because she captures the essence of the vintage in her pieces, I have made several of her pieces they are a joy to make.  
She has some free ones to, and I found this lovely and will begin on it soon, and not wait for Christmas to be around the corner, although you could make this in any color, but I need a lovely Christmas doily and this one screams out VINTAGE.

Pattern courtesy of Bella Crochet

I am so making this.

Lisa squares no pictures today it is cloudy, I'll be getting that you as soon as the sun shines.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Moving the hook & a lovely surprise of the Crochet kind

Hello All,
The hook is moving, and would you believe I have two things running at the same time?  I started another poncho, and am also working up a pillow cover for travel pillow for my youngest for Scouts.
One is worked during the day, and the other at night. The pillow cover is black and aqua from the stash bin, I have more black and so I'm working it up with that during the day. He chose the colors, and I'm happy to eliminate some yarn, so I can buy more. Do I have issues?
The poncho #2 coming along also, I'm on the cowl part for now, and I'm using the colors I showed you in the previous post, some of it is stash.
A very nice lady named Lisa who I worked with only a brief time over the summer and into the fall, because she is seasonal became friends, and we talked of Crochet. She had told me that she started a fews years back to crochet squares of ivory/burgundy, with a flower in the middle. I told her that sounded lovely, and that I too was a hook mover. She never finished the project, and in fact it sat packed away in a box somewhere because she moved several times, but knew that she had it, and so she decided to give it a new home. Mine! She phoned on Friday and said that she had found it, and wanted to give it to me, she was happy it found a home, knew that I would take care of it.
I don't know which of us was happier.
Turned out there are 32 of these lovely squares, more than 1/2 are completed with the trim, but wait there's more, she included all the yarn all still in their original wrappings. The colors are perfect for me, and would have been something I would have chosen. Ivory/Burgundy.
  What I think I will do, is make a pillow for her using some of the squares, she likes flowers, maybe a real pretty back to the pillow and the squares on the front. Musing this over as I am sure there are other possibilities.
I have not yet been able to photograph the bounty, but it will be forthcoming.
Stay tuned.

picking up my items from the consignment shop, didn't sell anything. :(
Of course my very first clue SHOULD HAVE BEEN, when shop owner placed my lovely capelets on a shelf, and didn't bother to place them out on stands. All folded up and stacked on each other.
Really? I re arranged them a bit before I left more to suit me,
 I  guess I was not surprised,
 I thought maybe somebody would have spotted them, well live and learn. I won't say I won't do any more consignments, this was supposed to be a high end shop, in a nice neighborhood, she sells expensive yarn, has a website and facebook, there wasn't any promotion of crochet items on her facebook page, just jewelry. 
I have another venue I am going to try to get my items out there, come summer.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Catching up with Crochet

Tis a fine day for doing indoor kind of activities. The sky clear and bright, bitter cold, and so some fresh bread in the hearth this afternoon it has risen and is being transformed in the oven as we
visit. An excellent day to go through the stash to see what it is that I do have, and what can or might be done with it. Sorting and cleaning up in the basement, it's time for a huge trip to Goodwill when the warmer breezes prevail, for sorting and  considering is being done.
I've went through all the yarn that I have, and what was not rolled into a ball is now joined with the other spheres in my wicker laundry basket. I have decided that for now this is a good home for all the colors in my crochet  cache. I think I might have the makings for a few poncho's in there, some interesting color combinations. My old friend the thread has been separated out and is in a container all it's own.
Here is a picture of the yarn I'm making the next poncho with in another lovely basket my MIL gave to me just for this purpose.
The variegated is Red Heart Super Saver Mirage
Red Heart Supvorer Savor off white
Caron Simply Soft Heather ( gray )
Caron Simply Soft ( blue ) misplaced the label