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Take your needle my child and
work at your pattern it will come out a
rose by and by. Life is like
stitch at a time taken patiently.
Oliver Wendell Holmes 1867

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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Inside & Out garden time has begun

That's what it says, one thing for sure spring is coming in very slowly. It's ok with me as the trees and flowering shrubs are not all blooming at one time, so you get to see the beauty of each tree as it blossoms out, and really see it's beauty. The Magnolias are blooming now, as are the Forsythia's.
We've done some yardwork, I planted Rhubarb, and turned over the square foot, moved my Lavender to the wagon wheel. I found a pussy willow bush at the nursery, we may plant it today, they make lovely arrangements and are so simple and lovely.
 Pussy willow catkins (image) are symbolic of spring. They're in the Salix genus. - David Beaulieu
On the Inside, the Rosemary and Lemon Verbena wait their turn looking for sunshine and warmth, they won't find either today, but their turn will come.  I ordered a scented Geranium, it arrived rather wilted, but by the end of the day with a little water and some light it is good as new. The scent is Lemon Rose it is a lovely scented. They sell this at some places around here, but they won't be in for a while. I found at a nursery online and received it in 2 days for the same price as I would pay for it around here. Hot Peppers have begun to sprout in the yogurt cups, and the wildflower seeds I started have been brought in for the time being, we had snow on Thursday.
I saw some Queen Anne's Lace seeds somewhere recently where we were but cannot remember where. So while looking online I found something just as lovely and ordered the seeds they are in route.
... blue lace flower island daisy trachymene graines, livraison gratuite 

Island Daisy, ( blue lace flower )
Pretty isn't it, reminds me of Queen Annes Lace, which grows by the waysides around my state, maybe I can get some seed from them .
I'm finding spring indoors watching my little seedlings reach for the light, it is my favorite time of year, along with Fall.  A time filled with hope, renewal, and the beauty found in nature.
On the Crochet is a slow go. I'm trying to make that Barbie Doll Ensemble I ordered a long time ago. Restarted it many times. I've been working with thread and big hooks, and my hands have to get used to the small hook and thread.
Promenade Ensemble Fashion Doll Crochet Pattern Annies Attic 871419.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Out in the garden

Hello all,

 It would seem that I've been neglecting my blog, I've stopped by a few places but my time when I can is out in the garden these days, perusing seed catalogs , and looking in anticipating for the local nurseries to bring it on with the flowers and vegatables, and especially the herbs.

I have a tiny garden space which we have used over the years as a vegatable garden, the soil is good and so I've designated that as my herb garden. So far Lavender is the only thing occupying the space in the wagon wheel I've placed on the so far.  I transplanted that from the square foot garden.
    I've purchased Rosemary, and Lemon Verbena.  I've ordered a Lemon Rose scented geranium. Have you ever?  I had one a few years back and oh my it is a lovely.  They come in a variety of flavors. These are considered herbs, and are grown more for their scented  leaves than the flowers.

 And am looking into Queen Annes Lace, I think I saw some seeds at Walmart. Those are lovely.
I've been reading over the winter and have found an interest in Colonial Garden spaces, with a fond interest in the herb gardens and flowers of Colonial Time.

Until next time...

Internet Photo Credit
This is what I hope my wagon wheel will look like this summer. I will have a mixture of herbs and flowers.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

My Chimes are very musical today

And it is a pleasurable breeze that is blowing this day. Spring is here, at least for today. The windows are open, the birds are singing, and I've put out the most adorable chimes, the top portion looks like an old vintage doorknob and plate, and the clacker? is an old skeleton key. I've had it for years, but have never put it outside, living on the edge today. If it gets to windy, I'll bring her in.

   I've planted Rhubarb. Been wanting to for some time, and was unable to find any.  We went to the nursery this week, and they are getting in spring plants, so I picked up Rosemary as well.  I've got the old pesky hexy crochet on the line, blowing the dust off of her.  She is need of some repair, which reminds me that I shouldn't attempt to make things in motif's, it just not my bag. Oh the joining..just not my thing. But oh how lovely the crochet motif anything is. 

I've been busy with the spring cleaning, as it is not not something which I can put off any longer. Now that my husband isn't working the seasonal job at nights, and is unemployed once again. I can move about smartly and it's ok if I make a little racket.  There is a storm coming so they say, and so for now the windows are open, and I'm keeping a watch on the skies to bring in the afghan off the line.All this wind is bringing in a cold front.

A snippet of the pesky hesky, with a peonie from gardens past. 

Have a good one, doing what you do.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Closing in on 30, and let's have some pie !

No, not 30 years old, I passed that milestone some twenty something years ago.  It's almost 30 degrees outside, the sunshine is out and about and all the dusting we had  of snow is now gone. Spring has rebounded.
I have wanted for so long to do two things, grow rhubarb and make a rhubarb pie. I'm still working on the first part.  But I did find some beautiful Rhubarb at the store yesterday, I only bought 2 stalks because it 5.99 a lb. Really? So I bought some strawberries to go with and this morning I fashioned up a pie. It's in the oven as we speak. Sometimes you have to leave well enough alone, and other times it's good to try something new. I did both today making that pie. I went back to the pie crust which works for me. I get ansy making pie crusts. I'm getting better at it.
Remember Lisa's squares from some posts back?  I bought a pillow form yesterday, and I have taken one of the squares and am going to finish it off to make the pillow top. I'd like to cover the pillow in fabric, she loves flowers and one may say that she is a Horticultorist by trade. So I thought something with flowers for the pillow, and then fix the crochet motif she crochet on the front of the pillow. I'm
not exactly sure how I will do this. ?  
Here is the link for Lisa's squares so if you havn't read about you can do so. It was a gift of the heart

This is the original as I received them. I have gone around 2 rows with the Ivory, and then I will finish off with that beautiful cranberry color, and I'm thinking of maybe a shell border, something
scallop, I love the scallop borders.


Thursday, March 26, 2015



Well, that is what I would be saying if I were in sunny, warm Hawaii. But alas, you find my tired old butt here in N.E. Ohio, guess what?  The rain showers we were having all morning....have turned once again to snow. Really? I know it won't stick, but still the spring flowers and I have seen one or two are beginning to emerge. Looking forward to going outside with NO coat. Ah..the simple pleasures of my life :)  It's has be a hum dinger of a winter and we are all ready for some springtime round these parts.
I'm hoping the change of seasonal weather will bring about a desire to create something with hook n yarn or (thread).  It's been a few weeks since I've moved the hook. I've had my nose in books I got at the Library about herbs and their healing properties.  Thinking garden. Those 3 weeks I had without my computer have changed the way I do things, I found other things around the house to do, which I have neglected. I didn't catch up or anything but made better use of my time like in the olden days.

Letting my hair grow long and see what I can do with it. It's long enough now that I can wear it up or down. Ok then.
If we were doing some painting, which needs done then I
could watch the paint dry.
I'm going to look for a life
catch up with you later :)