Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Mother Nature vs Old Man Winter & moving of the hook

Old man winter is very persistant. We are under yet another severe weather advisory today, with a combination punch rain/snow. So my son is off again from school today, and many things are closed and or cancelled.
The silver lining, there is always one is that while the weather may be severe, the duration of these storms and the fluctuations of the temperatures is less.
I've got a new computer, as the old dinosaur while it won't give up the ghost doesn't run, well it runs but you never get to visit anywhere.
On the hook front, I've been moving it but  really not producing anything. I did find a pattern for a cute vest I'm trying. I have issues with gauge, and with finding the right yarn for the job. But, I want to try my hand at another piece of clothing, this one calls for #4 yarn which I have plenty of. I don't understand that whole DK thing at all. And trying to find cotton yarn in a store #3, not working. Plus Size Crochet Victorian Style Round Vest PDF Pattern 1210
This is sweet, this is the picture from the website which sells the pattern, and
here is the link
The pattern calls for a one pounder which I had on hand, in a country rose color. I just started it the other day, today is the perfect day for moving of the hook.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Hope Springs Eternal

Wow! Another cold wintery blast of mother natures fury. It is a whopping 12 degrees outside. Really?
Not been posting as my computer is slower than molasses, it's old and tired, changes they are a coming, it's been a test of patience and utter frustration, so been trying to stay warm and moving the hook. I'm making a Downtown Abby hat, you know the style. Yes, I know it's not Downtown, but that is what I call it. I've worn the hat a few times in the last few days, it's warm, I don't have all the embelishments on it yet. I'm in for the evening, not going out to pick up or take out my boys, so I'm in my confy's and calling it a day.
Hopefully with the new computer, pictures will once again be posted here of my results from moving the hook.
I've got an account over at Ravelry now, working on that it is a slow process with this old dinosaur.
Until next time,
A happy hook is a moving hook

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Doing some musing of the Crochet kind...

Been doing some musings about Crochet and what I would like to do to take my talent to another level. 
Some of you have shops, teach, crochet for fun, some of you sell your lovelies on the side, and some create patterns for the rest of us to enjoy.
I fit somewhere in the middle of all of these. 
I do crochet for fun & therapy ( mostly therapy)
I don't have a shop, but it intrigues me somewhat.
I've sold a few things, but my venue has changed and I have a few ideas jotted down on how to increase sales and or orders.
 I want to get something started.
Teaching..something I've considered. Looked around at a place to earn a certification, but I'm hesitant because they cannot even answer an email, I don't want to send them $75 if they cannot respond to questions prior to payment...
Writing a pattern, creating a lovely..this one gets a star, I'd really like to do this. 
So, here it is, I crochet for therapy and I love the tactile of the yarn, and the visual of the colors and patterns,
and I want to create patterns. 
I made up a sign to display at the local library to connect  locally with other crocheters. Have not received anything from that. I was hoping to form a local group of crochet enthusiasts for meeting once a month. Am I the only one in town?  I think not. All of this points somewhere..and as soon as I figure it out,
 I'll get back to you. 

Trying to find a direction is difficult, writing it down and looking at it help it make sense in the real time. 

Perhaps I've put the cart before the horse without going through the necessary steps, you must learn to walk 

I feel as though I am at the crossroad..

It's a journey not a destination, one thing I know for sure....
I'll keep moving my hook either way.... 

before you can run sort of thing.  

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

What's doing ?

Let's see, what's doing?  hmmm....
Moving the hook, doing some re arranging in my kitchen, staying inside when I don't have to go out. 
Soon I must leave to pick up my son at school, and then begin the nightly ritual of supper, dishes, and hook moving with me feet up...that's what I'm talking about...:)
We are in another cold snap, but the sun is shining and it is cheerful albeit cold ( frigid). 
I saw a purse in the spring edition of Crochet! magazine I wanted to try, of course the yarn could not be found, and so I found an ombre which is pretty. . I'm not sure how this will look when done so it may transform into something else like a bag or tote.  I'd like to make one in the colors shown. They are crisp and compliment each other. 
A trip to Amish yesterday, and I stocked up on bulk yeast..there isn't anything like it and for love nor money I cannot make a decent bread with store bought packets or jar yeast. I used to, what has changed? 
So today I made 2 loaves and it smells homey and comforting today, what a wonderful aroma.

isn't this so cute?