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I'm a lover of vintage times and simple elegance of another era. I'm waiting a while for my special little farmhouse. While I'm waiting, I'm making good use of my time creating lovlies with my crochet hook n thread or yarn, and baking and cooking from scratch for my family.

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~Oliver Wendell Holmes 1867~

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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Micheals is too close...just one more stop

    I needed to go and get a smaller hook a "G", I don't have one..I have several duplicates and no G, so a trip to Micheals in order, oh darn!  So I picked up the hook, and out I wanted some plastic eggs, and then a I found a basket 50% off, oh then way over on the other side of the store..remember this was in/out trip, by way of the entire store...I wanted a little chalkboard,
and found this delightful little rolling pin, and.......a wooden treasure box, the kind which needs stained. My son wanted a treasure box for his will go in his Easter basket.

I wanted the eggs because  I wanted to paint them to look like real eggs, the brown ones are my favorite, they come in all shades some have freckles, have you looked at your eggs? They are gorgeous....a simple joy for me..hey..they come in all shapes and sizes. So anyway...I take steel wool, and just rough them up a bit so the paint sticks, I sprayed them with a white primer, and then got out my acryllics and had a ball painting them...oh such joy..such fun. White, tan, brown, lovely.  These are going to go in the basket I got for 50%
off.  Charming, simple charming..

I need to put some speckles on them...and write something on the chalkboard.. 

I have a Easter wreath I did the same thing, I will post that in a week or so. 


glor said...

How adorable, the basket board and eggs. Such a breath of frssh air ... very spring and Easter. Have a bountiful day.

Deborah Jean said...

Faith, Your basket is adorable!

My grandmother loved to crochet. I have some treasured baby items she made for our children when they were born. She's gone now, but I have the sweaters, booties and blankets to cherish. I also have the old home arts magazines she used for inspiration. Do you know of the Work Basket craft books? Try google.
Keep up the pretty work!

Beansieleigh said...

Ethel, put the coffee on, 'cuz I want to paint some eggs together!.. I've wanted to make eggs like this LAST year, when you showed this idea, but never got around to it... We'll see if I can give it a go THIS year. I LOVE your basket, all done here, and I'm ALWAYS a sucker for blue gingham.. LOVE it! ~Lucy

Beansieleigh said...

P.S. HEY! I didn't realize till just now, I'm not on your list of followers! HOW DID THAT HAPPEN?! (I was wondering why I was missing posts!) Well, I've fixed the problem now, I hope! ~Lucy

CrochetBlogger said...

Cute Easter stuff. Somehow I had forgotten that Easter is coming up so soon. I'll have to think of some crafts to do for that as well.

Mary at Deep South Dish said...

So sweet. I used to get lost in Michael's (and dream) on my lunch breaks (there and Hobby Lobby) from work. Haven't been there since and that's been 5 years now! Probably a good thing though LOL.

Nice digs over here - love that header too!!

Heather said...

Cute idea, I like your egg basket...maybe put the price of your eggs on your blackboard...Have a great day Faith! :-)