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Let's Move Our Hooks

Let's Move Our Hooks

The Guardian Angel

The Guardian Angel
The Guardian Angel Take your needle my child and work at your pattern it will come out a rose by and by. Life is like stitch at a time taken patiently. ~Oliver Wendell Holmes 1867~

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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Sometimes I sit and think....and sometimes I just sit...what say you?

"Oh bother"

I love this picture for several reasons.. the first is that the face of this angel reminds me so much of my younger son Jake, I see him when I look at this. The 2nd...this is exactly how I feel...the look on the face of this cherub sums it up for me...but yet she makes me smile on the inside. 

I've been a bit slack with blog content..I do hope that I can get rekindled and come up with post of interest..It is just difficult these days, I don't know what it is, hard to come up topics. Do you ever have that happen to you?  We are in full summertime here in Ohio, the square foot garden is coming along, we have a few maters, and the cucumber is doing well, I would love to make sun pickles again this year. I don't know if our garden will provide that many we'll just wait and see I'll still make them, but will buy the cukes at the Local Farmers Market. . Planted Basil and Cilantro, and the brussell sprout is tickles me and makes me was grown from seed. The maters,peppers,and cukes, we bought plants, the seedlings don't take.

When do you harvest Basil? & Cilantro?  The money plant is starting to look like it is dying, I'm thinking it is part of the process of the plant, as they are getting that paper covering now...this excites me and I look forward to what will happen next with them.

DH still looking for work..Ohio isn't exactly booming with opportunity. Our area in particular there used to be alot of manufacturing, now are white collar jobs. Temp agencies provide work temporarily, and we are beginning to look into other states for work.  God will provide. It is difficult to see the future or what the next step is. 

I've slacked off on my crochet as well...not focused..I'm hoping this passes quickly.  I did finish up the
potholder for the Vintage PH swap we hosted here at CBTS... For those of you are participating,how are your PH coming along.?  Thinking about the items I started for last years craft fair..I have all the items laid out and see what needs to be finished up, I may add a few more PH...but I better get moving no?

Enough rambling...hoping you all have a good weekend..



Faye Henry said...

Hi Faith,
I know what you mean about trying to find something to post about as that happens to me, too..
I hope your husband can find work soon.. God is faithful..
I am glad your garden is doing so well. With basil I cut it down and then let it come back up..

Mary said...

Hi Faith. Yup, sometimes I sit and think and sometimes I just PH is coming along. I am half-way finished with it. I don't know where the days go but they sure are going. It is hard to believe it is July 9th already. I am ready for hot weather to be over though....

Doris Sturm said...

I often sit and think. I believe silence is underrated and not enough people practice just being still and let the thoughts ruminate. Too much idle chatter gives me a headache ;-)

You do such lovely thread crochet, Faith, do you sell it on Etsy, Artfire or another craft site? Maybe that can help supplement your income a little...I know it's work because you have to promote and network so people know you're out there, but it's a thought!

When I first started a blog, I never knew what I should write about - I felt my life was so boring and uneventful, so I gave it up thinking nobody would read it. Then, about a year later, I started it up again and now I always come up with something, be it ever so humble, mainly my dog, my surroundings, the ducks, cats in the neighborhood and my walks that I enjoy so much. I'm afraid people are getting fed up with the repetition, but that's my life and I don't make anyone read it. It also serves me as a sort of a diary and a place to keep my photos since I don't have hard copies anymore since switching to a digital camera, so it's for me and my family and friends overseas and out West where I moved from. I love keeping in touch.

Sandy said...

Cute picture indeed. Sometimes I sit and think, but it usually revolves around yarn...staring and thinking about what to make with it. Good luck to your hubby.