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I'm a lover of vintage times and simple elegance of another era. I'm waiting a while for my special little farmhouse. While I'm waiting, I'm making good use of my time creating lovlies with my crochet hook n thread or yarn, and baking and cooking from scratch for my family.

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Take your needle my child and
work at your pattern it will come out a
rose by and by. Life is like
stitch at a time taken patiently.

~Oliver Wendell Holmes 1867~

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Sunday, August 7, 2011

been busy hookin...and is it time for the kids to go back yet..I'm in the countdown...

I am FULL crochet mode these last few days...I have added a few products for the Craft
fair, which I believe is in Oct or November...I want all my projects completed by
about Oct 15th. we'll just see bout that..I must STOP adding things..hee hee...I really have to cut myself seems like I have enough...but do I?   These are pictures of what will be I hope
Chair Pincusions....maybe 1 order to finish these...I need to get some tuna...the can is what gives the chair it's can find the pattern...I learned about these from
Beansie...she has the link at  her place...take a look at her chairs so cute...
I may do one more potholder...and a crinoline lady in thread crochet...and something I am working on with the hankies...but that is a WIP....and it is taking a life of it's own...we'll see about this one. 
Gotta dough is ready....
working it is a faster pace around here today.....
Have a creative day your own self..... 


Ann Nichols said...

Love these!

vikki said...

Iknow what you mean by getting things done for a craft show..I am always second guessing myself...good luck to you

Mary said...

I clicked on the link to the little chair pincushions, they are adorable! I am anxious to see what you are creating with the ladies handkerchiefs. You found some very pretty ones. The price of vintage ones at the antique mall here in town is crazy! The mail came this morning and guess what? The doily pattern came. It looks exactly like the picture I posted. I am anxious to start on it. Darling granddaughter has her request in for several many things I want to sew and crochet....
Good luck with your craft show items. I adore those little dresses. The one you made for the swap was so cute. Thanks so much for the pattern. I will post pics as I go along! Have a wonderful day!!