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Friday, September 16, 2011

I am thinking homeschooling.....

Been thinking alot about it as of late.  We've talked about it.  School has been in session such a short time, and already my Jake...doesn't want to go. This year is different than the years before, 4th grade..and middle school. This may be the year for the change for him. I am of course I am not a Rhodes Scholar...LOL.. Here is  Ohio we have ECOT...

In some ways schools have changed and other ways they have not.  In my son's school, they have assigned seating for lunches...with minimal talking. No talking in the get the idea. If they get their clipped moved, the miss recess. It seems to me if you can't talk, and have energy to burn, and you take that away too with don't stand much of chance having the child sit still and pay attention..  Jacob is more of light child...and would benefit from a lighter schedule, or I should say less rigid schedule..

I know there are alot of you out there who homeschool......multiple children. I am only going to do one if at all. My eldest has 2 years left...he can finish it out. Kids ae different one from another..and learn different ways.

                                                                           Happy Friday to you...


vikki said...

I know many people who have home schooled their children..with different results..not so much with the academics but wth the social part of schooling..If you home school, make sure he has various social outlets with his people of his age group. Maybe he could go to a different school?

simplicityinthemaking said...

Did both here depending on the child. Most stayed home. Each child is different. You would never know if you don't try, but you have to be prepared to spend the time.

Faith said...

Unfortunately, I am not able to leave comment for simplicity in the making at her place..Thank you ladies for your input....still under is a big move, and I want to make sure my motives are pure.

MamaLezlie said...

I homeschool my 4 boys. It started with the oldest having trouble in school. He was in the 1st grade and hated it. I have been able to tailor things to each child, and all my children are close to each other as a result. Each family has to make its own decision about this, but I know it has been great for us.

I commend you for considering doing something hard for the benefit of your child. Self-sacrifice is a road sign of a good parent.

I pray the Lord will guide you.

Kateri said...

Coming from a former homeschooled chld--I it sounds like you want to do it for the right reasons. There are pros and cons to homeschooling. One of the nice things is that you really can tailor things to your child's needs. I agree with Vikki, make sure he does have ways to socialize and be part of a group with other children his own age.

Mary said...

Hi Faith,

So many parents are choosing homeschooling now. I feel blessed that my daughter had excellent schools and teachers with the exception of two. She remains friends with several of her middle and high school teachers.
I do believe children have different learning styles and children need recess to get fresh air and exercise. Schools are so different now, I am not sure how I would react with the no talking and assigned seats for lunch. That sounds a little too controlling but that is my opinion. I have known parents who homeshcooled with great success. I wish you wisdom and discernment in your decision. Hope you are enjoying this beautiful weekend!