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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Gerties Gift Shoppe Update....

I was intending to open up my shoppe  Gertie's Gift Shoppe,on March 1, my youngest son's 10th birthday...and I just might still get that accomplished. I'm tossin a few things around in my head, still even as the day approaches, I get a daily rundown of the days from my Jake...I'm trying to build up my inventory, figuring how payments should be made, and over time I am hoping it will evolve, I'm sure it will not be at the end of the year, what it is at the it grows and I can get it just the way I want to, tweaking
this n that along the way. Never doing anything like this, to me is sort of risque...while it is so much a complete journey of my heart, and desire to have my own shoppe..guess it's the jitters. Will I be able to
upkeep both  my blog & shoppe..keeping it simple is the mission statement. Will
I sell anything, is there a market for items such as mine. I completed two things this week, and have a few more to get nailed down in the coming few weeks..ideas are fleeting in/out, as I try to remember where I left my car keys, and why I am in a particular room of the house to get what?  I'm going
to give it a whirl...and see what happens, have fun and learn something.  
I'm considering a give away...
more on that a wee bit later....
keeping you posted.
and thanking you for stopping over....:)

PS.  I've had a few questions about the shop, while I would love to one day have real shoppe....
this one will be on line, and interactive.


Charlotte said...

Good luck with your shop. Is it going to be a shop online or an actual shop? I have thought about selling my crochet but don't know how to get started.

Sandy said...

Oh my, how did I miss you were going to open a shoppe....that sounds both scarey and exciting. I wish you the very best of luck with it, do keep us posted.

vikki said...

Gosh I didn't know you were going to open a shop. Like Charlotte is it going to be online or have an actual shop (I borrowed that from Charlotte). I want so much to open a free standing store someday..that will be like a crocheter's dream..thread (which is getting harder and harder to find), yarn, hooks, pattern books, classes, finished items. I wish I had lots of money to do it today..Best wishes for your shop,just be patient.

Faith said...

My little shop is online..I will the propietor...hee hee.. I have ideas, and am slow in figuring how to implement them...I hope you all stop by from time to time, to browse, converse and chit chat in the parlor..