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~Oliver Wendell Holmes 1867~

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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Shades of gray on the color wheel today weatherwise

While waiting for sunshine, and mayhap a hint of blue thoughts are turning planting and garden.  While strolling round the bloggerhood, a neighbor was talking about starting seedling in eggshells ( I'm sorry,
but cannot remember who the neighbor was, I tried to find it, I thought I would remember) . But this is a rather keen idea and I'm going to try it this year.  I have not started any seeds yet, it would seem that I always get a way to early start and they get leggy and pot bound and the transfer to their new homes doesn't go to well. So I'll wait. But I'm using the egg shells, have them all rinsed out and ready to go, in fact they are sitting in the egg carton. Al Natural....I've went to a few nurseries and stores, they have tons of winter stuff left..well it is winter here...and the spring items are trickling in so pretty soon..I anxious to plant, spring is my other favorite season.  I did buy some Zinnia seeds those are lovely. I'm anxious to get out my little flower bed I made last year and fill it up with some lovelies...
it's always an excitment to me, to see what comes up after the winter..Looking forward to the first little leaves of bright green poking up through the soil.  I'm anxious to see if the Silver Dollars I planted 2 years ago will come up, last year was the 1st year, that was a simple joy...:)  I have lavender in the squarefooter, started from seeds last winter...they take a long time to germinate, by the end of summer they were just starting to come up..the Peony bush, and the lavender I put in the garden, I can see the garden from the bedroom window, the Lavender Plant which smelled wonderful last season I bought from the store, I wonder....
will it come back. And the hen n chicks growing crazy in the those do well in containers
outside?  The old vintage rose I started from a cutting years and years ago...always a joyful sight...
usually blooms in late May June....there is much to look forward to, and somehow the gray on the color wheel is all good, there are many colors on that wheel, some are in the garden and even gray has it's place,
this time of year, it's expected.

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Mary said...

Hi Faith.

I am anxious for spring. I have some bare spots where trees were removed on each side of the driveway that will become flower beds filled with lots of variety and color (I hope). I have it pictured in my head and need to hopefully get the real thing going. My hen and chicks are outside plants. They turn much darker and sort of seem to shrink in the winter but they always come back green and healthy in the spring. So unless yours are a variety I am not aware of, they should do very well outdoors. They are a sunloving plant. We have rain and gray skies again today. I don't mind a good gray day once in a while but I am ready for a little sunshine. Hope you have a wonderful day and get much accomplished this weekend!