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Thursday, May 31, 2012

A question to ask

Let's say I have a embroider hoop, and I wanted to put material in the hoop, how would finish off the ends of the material? I currently have said hoop filled with said material which is hemmed on all 4 sides, I'm thinking a ruffle? How in the world would I do that?  Can you tell I'm not the sewing kind of crafty girl..?  Should it be short? 

Thanking you....

I finished up one basket, and have begun another...let's see what else did I say I wanted to do this week,
I did get some yardwork done...things transplanted and was lovely cool today, and good sleeping weather, not optimum for 'mater plants though...Working on that next week.  At the nature center where I work, we are having a Farm & Garden day on Saturday...hoping to bring home some heirloom 'maters....
I hope I remember the camera..... 


Mary said...

Is the embroidery hoop going to be hanging on the wall? I have seen fabric ruffles glued to the back edge of the hoop. If you just wanted the ruffle attached to the material, I guess some meticulous cutting and measuring and then sewing on the ruffle and putting it in the hoop again.
I have been doing a little embroidery on felt hearts. I made one for an elderly lady at church. She will be 80. I have to get it in the mail tomorrow. She is just a ray of sunshine. Let us know what you do with the ruffle and hoop. I hope you get some of the heirloom tomatoes. I love garden fresh vegetables. Nothing better.

Stitchy Mc Floss said...

I saw this and hope it helps.

I think you and I are really sisters because we are always thinking on the same lines of things...I was just thinking the other day that I wanted to do this:

or something like it in a hoop. :)

Hope your bunny is doing well. Are you going to give him a name?

Happy weekend to you and blessings always :)

Faith said...

Thank you my gal pals....I actually found one of these myself yesterday Stitchy....great minds do think alike no?