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Thursday, May 10, 2012

so, I chose chocolate mint

I'm just beginning on my herb journey, I was intrigued to find out that there is more than 1 kind of almost anything. Such a variety, and that poses a problem for the people like myself who are challenged by choosing just one. Aside from peppermint, spearment, there is chocolate mint.. I took the sniff test, and like what it aroma it gave off, I will figure out what to do with it along the is in the learning curve. That is the fun part. I also took the sniff test for the Lemon-Rose Scented Geraniums, loverly....=)
I found a nice website last night that tells all about these lovelies and how to care for them...month by month for the garden challenged....I have so much to learn and love the opportunity...

it has been cool here in NE Ohio, yesterday some dill & lettuce mix seeds went into the square foot. I have basil and cilantro seeds, and pepper plants. I hope to get some heirloom tomatotes early June. At our nature center we are having a farm & garden day...right up my alley. I understand that there is a person who grows heirloom and they bring in their plants for sale..A couple few would be perfect, and trying growing from seed next year..

Well, I seem now to have lost my camera...oh is around the homestead somewhere, I took it out this morning to try to capture the common house sparrows outside watching their nest. When I opened the  front door, they flew to the Magnolia tree, and there was some chirping going on up above the porch light. I wasn't able to get a picture of the mom/dad, they are covered in the foilage of the tree.. WHEN, I find the camera....I'll try again. I'll not disturb the babes again f rom their morning feeding...
I don't recall where I put the camera down....oh well I'll look for something else and it'll turn up...isn't that the way it is?
Of course I found it, when I wasn't looking for it, I was vacuming....
here is a picture of the nest from'll have to stay tuned to get the outside view,
Can you see the sparrow, watching in the Magnolia? Upper right hand corner...
The white is the awning above the porch, see the light...there are two nests from
a previous occupant.

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glor said...

Oh my goodness ... Chocolate Mint ... this must be heaven! I would have picked that one too.