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Let's Move Our Hooks

Let's Move Our Hooks

The Guardian Angel

The Guardian Angel
The Guardian Angel Take your needle my child and work at your pattern it will come out a rose by and by. Life is like stitch at a time taken patiently. ~Oliver Wendell Holmes 1867~

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Thursday, September 27, 2012

It is the start of something new..crochet wise

I've begun a new thread project...a Crinoline Lady applique.  I suppose it could be used for a doily as well. I have a specific use for it in mind, and I'm stll working out the details. I finished up the skirt portion which is the picture I'm sharing today...there is an overlay portion, and more to be added on of course. This is the second one, the first one the color didn't do much for me with what I had it in mind for...we
see how that works and my ideas..
Here is the link for where I got the pattern:
I have ordered several items from crochet memories and have never once had a problem with the pattern, the sale or the service. Go..and look for yourself at the beautiful items (patterns), and there are some freebies there as well...
if you look under Crinoline ladies, special events, I'm making the Spanish Senorita style applique....not in those colors of course...but they are lovely....and lacy looking...

I'm doing this with a white bodice which is what this piece is, the lace portion I am doing
in a cream/tan color....

I would love to find one of these books in original form....:)


Mary said...

Sounds beautiful. Looking forward to seeing more.

Olga said...

I can't wait to see it finished. And I love your doily from the previous post!

Anonymous said...

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