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Let's Move Our Hooks

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Friday, November 16, 2012

Being a frugal homemaker..

Lord knows I try..I really do.

 Always looking for ways to stretch out the limited income...I figured if my grandmother could do it then so can I.  I try to find ways to stretch out the dollars, meal wise. On occasion our local grocery big box place will have a BOGO on meat, beef, chicken and pork. I will usually by two and get two free I'll buy roasts BOGO, and cut them up for stew, or stroganoff and we get many meals out of those two cuts. I'm glad that I can do that, it saves money and we can buy the other things which accaompany the meals.  I like to buy the Chickens whole ones, and I will get  more than two meals out of those also by just cooking the roasted one down after the first meal and making soup, or pot pies.

I make my meatballs out of meat loaf mix, it is a mixture of beef, pork & veal, I make a whole bunch of those usually 2 packs,mix all the goodies together, roll them up and flash freeze them before I put them in the deep freeze. Saves time when we make spagetti and meatballs. All these little things add up. I like to bake bread, so we don't buy bread, unless it is Rye .

Fall & Winter are easier for me to cook or prepare foods, maybe I just enjoy it more during these months, something about soup simmering on the stove, or a chicken roasting in the oven....I think those are my favorites. 

Part of the journey has been for me to realize when not to do something which I think is frugal, and I end up wasting time and the time I tried mozzarella...Not my cup of tea...

What do you do to stretch out your $


Stitchy Mc Floss said...

I try to stretch my dollars by hitting the sales that the Kroger has weekly...and like you, I stock up when things are on sale that we use all the time. I like to take the extra green and red peppers when they are on sale and chop them up and put them in the freezer...they are perfect for spaghetti sauce. You know what Ben Franklin always said, "A dollar saved, is a dollar earned." I could not agree more!

Blessings my dear friend...and hugs, too.

Vikki Hooks said...

Good Morning, I shop in bulk and try to only go grocery shopping once a month. It works most of the time, unless there is some holiday that comes up. And here is one that really helps...combining all your trips if you are going to hit the craft store..hit them all if they are on the same side of town. I can't help it if Sam's, Hobby Lobby, Michael's, and Joann's are all with a mile of each other..Blessings

Faith said...

Vikki....I feel so sorry for you having to shop on that side of town...LOL......I should be so lucky...:)

glor said...

There we are again sister, I tend to do like you. I do shop frequently however, a sale shopper. Stocking, especially during the winter months. I've always done this. I don't like to run out so I tend to be at least one ahead with the sale items. That way don't have to purchase at the full price. I think we have toilet paper for about a year. That type of stuff. I check for coupons and make meals around them if I can. Oh yes, I do have yarn and thread stock!!! That' important too ... lol.