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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Snowflakes..........did you know?

Since I have been blessed beyond belief to have acquired a job within our local park system, I have learned so much, really cool stuff. I'm priveledged to work among Naturalist who have a passion and general interest in many cool things al natural.
  I don't believe this is by happenstance that I am is part of a bigger picture for my life as I move toward a more simple, gentler way of life..and hopefully toward my little farmstead... anyway I digress as everything will be revealed in perfect order at the appropriate time and place. As with the snowflake.  We did a program today about the anatomy of a snowflake...

I thought it would be fun to share....
I always had heard that no two snowflakes are alike..just like us, and all snowflakes are different on a molecular level as two alike. There are basic shapes of the snowflake can be similar, snowflakes are all 6 sided, because water molecules have 6 sides and grow in 6 directions. 

I was surprised to learn that we here on earth cannot produce true " snowflakes ", they come from the heavens in their original form. Anything we make here on earth, under the microscope will be like little pellets of ice.  Snowflakes are formed by supercooled water droplets  which freeze on to dust or pollen particles, they become crystals, which form into snowflakes.

Wilson " Snowflake" Bentley- farmer and photographer from Vermont.

During his life, he photographed more than 5,000 pictures of snowflakes.

Benefits of Snow...yes...there really are some...

Snow..provides 75 % of the drinking water used by the Western U.S.
Snow..provided habitat for creatures built for snowpack conditions such as polar bears or penquins.
Snow..provides warmth, and hibernation for the animals that need it for survivial ( bats, groundhogs).
Without snow, their energy reserves may dwindle and their health may turn, and can cause
malnutrition and disease if unable to sleep.

Create your own sparkly snowflake

Hot water ( boiled before hand )
a cup or mug
Salt ( table )
black paper ( thick )

Boil water and pour into a cup which can withstand the hot water.
Add a couple of tsp of salt and stir with a paintbrush till dissolved.
Continue to add salt a tsp at a time until it no longer dissolves, there will salt crystals in the bottom of the cup.
Paint your snowflake on the paper.
Each time you dip the brush be sure to stir the mixture so all the salk crystals do sink to the bottom.


Stitchy Mc Floss said...

I never knew they were 6 cool. I love snowflakes. Not crazy about being in the snow, but love the snow flakes.

When you said that no two snowflakes were alike and that we could not reproduce them...I love that. The more you learn about nature, the more you see God in everything around us. Very cool.

Blessings always dear friend. :)

Vikki Hooks said...

Oh how neat..I may have to try and do this with my grandsons!! Thanks for sharing this with us. I think the job you have is just perfect for you.

Susanne said...

As with all things found in nature we can only feebly try and make a copy of what only God has made so perfectly beautiful. The snowflake, so dainty and fragile is a perfect example of this. Thank you for sharing this information. I doubt that I will ever again think of them in the same way. Hope all is well with you.
(((HUGS))) Susanne :)

Faith said...

I learn something from them each time we are together, they are an amazing group of ladies. I Vikki said..this is the perfedt job for me...I would have to agree. Thank you for posting comments I love that when you do...:)

Faith said...

I learn something from them each time we are together, they are an amazing group of ladies. I Vikki said..this is the perfedt job for me...I would have to agree. Thank you for posting comments I love that when you do...:)

pattas said...

How about that .. Great info here:)) Thankyou for sharing I never realised snowflakes were so different ... Makes one stop and think about life and how different we all are :))

So thrilled you have work near your home.. :))

Snowcatcher said...

One of my favorite topics, things to do and things to fantasize about! I can't wait to try your little snowflake-making experiment!

Charlotte Huffman said...

What a great job! Have a Merry Christmas!

Kateri said...

Very interesting! I did not know that snowflakes could not be made in labs. And didn't know that they are always six sided...