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We are shaped and formed

We are shaped and formed
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The Love of Vintage Potholder

The Love of Vintage Potholder
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Take your needle my child and
work at your pattern it will come out a
rose by and by. Life is like
stitch at a time taken patiently.

~Oliver Wendell Holmes 1867~

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Saturday, February 9, 2013

A simple joy of the heart kind...

Every once in a hands me a beauty....and this week, I have been notified that I had won a lovely treasure at a about lifting the spirit...I asked for today...Dear Lord...please let something nice happen today it doesn't have to be large,just something to cheer my heart..

Thank you Lord

 ...and I found that I had been chosen as one of three winners...
I have not yet received my beauty, but will show you when I do....until
then, please visit here, and you will see what beautiful work Donna does. I just recently met Miss Donna, through the Grow Your Blog Hop from a few weeks ago. It is such a joy to meet new friends, and be inspired..This is a lovely heart themed giveaway...go there now and have a look see, meet a new friend and be inspired.....

Thank you Miss Donna for hosting a giveaway....of your beautiful work....


Vikki Hooks said...

congrats..I am heading over to her blog now. Looking foward to seeing your win!! Blessings

Stitchy Mc Floss said...

I can think of know one nicer than you who should get something to life her heart. You are such a sweetie!

I love how the Lord listens and responds in such wonderful ways to our prayers.

Blessings to you always dear friend. :)

Faith said...

Thank you Ladies...ahh stitchy :)

Sandy said...

Congrats to you, will be anxious to see what goodies you end up with. I love meeting new blog mates, so will indeed hop over. Enjoy the day.

Anne said...

Hello, my Dear! I've come to you from The "Grow Your Blog" was over before I knew about it, but it was so nice of Vicki to leave the list up! Anyway, I always welcome new blogs to enjoy, and yours is delightful! I am now following you ~ please come and visit me if you get a chance!
So nice to "meet" you!

Leaving the light on for you