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~Oliver Wendell Holmes 1867~

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Friday, May 31, 2013

A Rose is a rose isn't it?

While I love roses, I don't happen to necessarily believe they are all the same, or are created equally.
You all know I love Vintage just about anything, and roses are no exception. I have talked about the
cuttings I have from the Vintage one next door and now I have several plants of this beauty in my own
garden. I joy and revel in the fact that I was able to obtain a cutting, and have them grow into lovely
climbing vintage roses, deep in color with that wonderful smell of roses in the gone by days.
My first vintage beauty.....they are so lovely right now...
Yesterday, a man came in to the Nature Center with a rose in his hand, I figured he had some question about how to care for it, or possible it was being plagued by disease and he wanted some answers.  Turns out the rosebush this lovely came off of was over 60 years old...he wanted to know how to care for it properly. It belonged to his wife's mother. And when when she passed, he had a company come out and move the bush from her house to his so he could care for it.
I gave him some reference numbers to call locally, as he wanted to find out what kind of rose it was, and how it
should be cared for. He told me it was a climber, like the one I have already, but mine is burgundy red in color
and his was pink. I asked if I might take a snippet of his to propagate, and he said I could have the the whole
thing. What joy....I've put it in water until I can prepare to propagate it properly.    
This smells gorgeous..
I have since begun the progagation process, I have a cutting of an old lilac bush also...
Zinnia seeds it the left container, in the middle we have the trifecta
the two vintage roses and lilac in the middle, and another
cutting of the pink beauty in the right hand container.
This method usually works well for me, I hope it will this time too.. 
It's hot and we are having a deluge...good for the is rather dark. Stitchy asked what I do
to propagate these. I learned this from somebody's grandmother 30 years's so simple.
I take a cutting trying of the desired plant, cut it off at an angle and stick in the dirt, water and cover with a mason jar, leaving it the sunshine, it works like a greenhouse. I do strip of the lower leaves, but be sure to leave some on
toward the top of the cutting.


Stitchy Mc Floss said...

Oh the roses are so lovely.

I love that a rose bush that is 60 years old will now have a new owner who can perhaps pass it down thru even more generations. That is just awesome.

Do you propagate using "root grow" on roses, or do you use something else?
I ask because I have a really cool salmon color rose in our back yard and would love to have more of them.

Blessings always dear friend.

Michelle said...

I am going to try some cutting from my neighbors roses. Thanks for the tips.

Sandy said...

That's very cool! My Dad and I just recently walked The Park of Roses here and paid particular time in the heritage area...they smell heavenly. New hybrid roses don't have a scent.

Michelle said...

Hi just a reminder.
This Thursday is the end of the craft swap. Please have your swaps mailed no later then this weekend. I know everyone is excited to see what they got. If you have received your swap, please let me know so that I may feature it and your blog on my sight.