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We are shaped and formed
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The Love of Vintage Potholder

The Love of Vintage Potholder
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~Oliver Wendell Holmes 1867~

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Monday, October 7, 2013

More my cup of tea

The weather is what I'm talking about...sunny, and 60 degrees....I'm making my husband a
" sho co lat " pie, his favorite, I have the crust in the oven. First day on the new job and all for him....
I have a question for all of you pie bakers out there.....when you have left over dough....
can you freeze it and re-use another time.?
Sometimes, I will roll it and sprinkle it with sugar and when it comes out cinamon and the guys can
sanck on the extra. It's not enough for a full pie, but I could use this batch to make chicken
pot pie covers ups.  
I had wanted to go outside and plant, but with this old bumbstead knee of mine, rather difficult to get around and I cannot get on the ground for sure...we'd have to call the tow truck to get me up again. Getting old, has it's moments, this is not one of them. Moving about smartley today around the homestead....
Hoping you have a beautiful day..whatever your season...


Vikki Hooks said...

Hi Faith, I am so excited your husband is starting his new job. I hope he really likes it. I have to agree with you about the weather..this is my kind of temp...but the rains that usually come can just stay away. When is your craft show..we want to see pics. Blessings

Charlotte Huffman said...

Mmm,pie! And chocolate,too! I don't know about freezing the dough but it seems like you should be able too. Maybe in pie tins so all you would have to do is pop in the oven? Good luck.

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

Can't help you on the freezing dough but I use leftover dough and sprinkle cinnamon and sugar on it and cook it for snacks too.

Patricia Lewis said...

Thanks for stopping by today... We are back on track :)) Thankyou also for your lovely e-mails ..
Congrats to hubby :)) I have to admit I haven't frozen pastry, but can't see why not ...
Any recipes you have to share would be great :)
Have a great week ..

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