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Let's Move Our Hooks

Let's Move Our Hooks

The Guardian Angel

The Guardian Angel
The Guardian Angel Take your needle my child and work at your pattern it will come out a rose by and by. Life is like stitch at a time taken patiently. ~Oliver Wendell Holmes 1867~

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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Oh you beautiful doll

I've been in an de cluttering frenzy of late, I suppose now that my oldest son is 18 and will be graduating in another week, I've taken stock of all the " stuff " we've accumulated over the years, and suppose it's time for  trips to Goodwill, not to purchase but to give. I've taken a good stock of all the things I have that I have purchased which have never been used and have accumulated dust, and clutter. Maybe it's my age, now in my 50's, I suppose I'm more selective about what I bring home now. I've kept all my thread yarn, and a few other things which fit in the curb side dresser I found over the winter, no more boxes and boxes. I'll be doing something with the majority of those books, I've narrowed down the ones I want to keep.
The Patons lace yarn (2) arrived yesterday, and I'm working on the shawl, I hope to start it today. I've been sewing, finishing up curtains I started for my younger son at least a year ago. Things get lost in clutter. My new rule is if I havn't done anything with it in over 1 year, it goes to Goodwill. While in the basement, I ran into an old friend.
Marion was a nice lady I met along the way, and back in the day I liked to do ceramics. Marion held the  clsses at her house, and she also made dolls in period costume, using ceramic, and cloth, and even crochet thread for the hair. She had many dolls and they were lovely. She was having a class learning to make the dolls.  It cost me $40 back in the day to make Miss Kitty. She has been in the basement since we moved into our home, today I brought her up, and dusted her off, and now she will grace my living room.
After cleaning and firing the head, arms & legs, they were painted and attached by toggles, the clothing was cut out from a pattern and then I sewed them loosely with a basting stitch. The first piece of clothing to go on was the lace petticoat, which was dipped in a stiffner and applied to the body. Once dried it was painted. The rest of clothing in the same fashion. I had written the directions down, wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy back in the day and no longer have them. Her face was painted, and then it was time to give her a beautiful doo, which was done with of course crochet thread  dipped in the same glue placed on the head and fashioned up with a wave or two. 
Well, enough talk I'd like to introduce you to Miss Kitty circa 1985, she is old enough now to be called Vintage, she was made to appear Vintage, and now she really is, she really is more lovely now since she has some age on her.
There is a parasol which needs a little bit of re forming, it matches her gown, which was the black fabric, stiffend and then painted over with acrylic paint ( dry brush method ).
Thank you all for stopping by today, and meeting Miss Kitty


Patricia Lewis said...

She is gorgeous Faith you are a very talented lady :)) hugs pat ..

Faith said...

Thank you for stopping by Pat, I know you appreciate lovely ladies, as you create them yourself.