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~Oliver Wendell Holmes 1867~

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Thursday, May 8, 2014

There is gold in them thar consignment shops

Today, I made my way down to my local consignment goody shop, it is/was
called the Red Geranium. I say was because the lady is retiring and they are closing up shop. I made it down there probably once a year, and more often then not came home with something special, like my Vintage electric coffee pot, a Vintage Sewing Book and a lovely towel.
I knew as soon as I stepped in, the shelves almost bare, I was hoping she was just relocating but it is not to be the case. Everything left at this point was 50% off.  I had went to look for the Thanksgiving platter ( Vintage) I had passed by so many times before, but what I ended up with was priceless to me at least as a crocheter. There were a stack of crochet books, I went through each and every one of them, coveting one in particular so nobody else would grab it up Really? There was one of those clear zipper bags, you know the ones which pillows or blankets come in that you can reuse for just about anything, you know what I mean. It was FULL of books, it was heavy, and it was $30.00.  I didn't want to look inside for fear I may find something which wouldn't be sold separate. So I wandered around the store and made a few more passes to see if I missed anything. 50% off I heard someone say, hmm...well I'll just look in the clear zippered bag.
What a Bonanza!
It is filled with crochet magazines and patterns from the '40's!
I'll be looking through this tonight, the NFL draft is on, and my dear husband will be AWOL for a while.
I'll be sure to take pictures, and post again about the bounty,
so stay tuned. 


Charlotte Huffman said...

Wow! Great find! I love finding old crochet books!

Patricia Lewis said...

What a find, what a bargain :)) well done.. can't wait to see what you have in store for us :)) hugs pat :))

Vikki Hooks said...

where have you been? I have been missing your posts. Oh girl I wouldn't have thought twice about a bag filled with crochet books..please enjoy them for me too.