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The Love of Vintage Potholder
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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Soon to be on the hook

I've been going back and forth, frogged a few things, and then am taking a step back and doing a little more research. I'm crocheting an afghan for my youngest, the boy scout.  I've made him I don't know how many already, all outgrown. Something he can take camping with him, he's 5'5 now and almost 13 years old, so I figured that an adult size would now be the way to go. In the past I have done granny ripples which make a lovely colorful afghan. And I considered making another one, and then thought maybe  a plain ripple, and then I found a pattern for a Jacob's Ladder Ripple.
I think that I have in the last week tried all 3 patterns, I keep going back to the Jacob's Ladder. I thought it would be fun to make him an afghan with his name in it, and something a wee bit more solid so his toes don't go through the holes. I was thrown off by the large ladders in the Jacob's Ladder pattern, but have found many tutrorials which help tie up those ends, make a lovely afghan. 
I'm working outside of my comfort level on this one. I have purchased the yarn, and since my son's favorite color is red, and something else bright and colorful, and of course a neon something or other...:)
Pictures will be forthcoming after I have a few rows under my belt.
In the meantime, you can find the pattern Here   

and I'm adding one, I like the way this one looks also. I was working on the Jacob's Ladder last night, I just don't know. Beginning a ripple anything seems to be a bit of a challenge, once you have the first row or two it goes well. who knows what I may turn up with.....


Charlotte Huffman said...

can't wait to see your progress. Thanks for the link.

Vikki Hooks said...

I made this pattern years ago..I think it was called Trail of and what other colors? I can't wait to see daughter has moved to University Heights outside of Cleveland..she sounds you know the area? Hugs my friend.

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