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Let's Move Our Hooks

Let's Move Our Hooks

The Guardian Angel

The Guardian Angel
The Guardian Angel Take your needle my child and work at your pattern it will come out a rose by and by. Life is like stitch at a time taken patiently. ~Oliver Wendell Holmes 1867~

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Monday, October 27, 2014

About the hearth this morning

 About in the hearth this day, making Cinnamon Rolls.  I have a tried and true recipe I've used for what seems like ever, but I was given some magazines and found this one, and because it is from the March 1950's Woman , all the better for me. You know I'll take the Vintage whenever I am able to choose. The orginal recipe calls for lard, margarine and dried milk powder, they updated it so that it uses real milk and butter. So it is the 50's version ramped up a wee bit. 
Being quiet here today, as the hubster is sleeping he started on nights with his job and our place is small. Figured some nice Cinnamon Rolls would be a nice treat. Although yesterday he did ask for cream puffs.  I've added a recipe page but the looks like my cinnamon roll will need to  be added, maybe I'll add the new I'm trying today. 15 minutes up time to mix the dough the yeast has worked it's magic.

 A heartwarmer !  I've probably made 4 or 5 of these little charmers.  It is a double sided potholder, but only for pretty please. You can find the pattern Here.

Well the laundry won't wash itself.
Embrace your day !


Vikki Hooks said...

Hi Faith..I can smell them all the way to my house..yummy!!

Michelle said...

I love cinnamon rolls. I need to make some for my husband. He would love that.