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I'm a lover of vintage times and simple elegance of another era. I'm waiting a while for my special little farmhouse. While I'm waiting, I'm making good use of my time creating lovlies with my crochet hook n thread or yarn, and baking and cooking from scratch for my family.

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Take your needle my child and
work at your pattern it will come out a
rose by and by. Life is like
stitch at a time taken patiently.

~Oliver Wendell Holmes 1867~

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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

I'm participating in the Simple Woman Daybook, and you can too here is the link:

Outside my window... darkness & glistening snow as another day approaches 

I am thinking... What I will make for supper tonight

I am thankful...I had a good nights sleep for a change

In the kitchen... I'll put the coffee up soon

I am comfy cozy's flannel night gown too early to get dressed

I am creating.   my 2nd crochet cowl poncho, almost done.
I am going...?

I am wondering... what am I going to do?

I am reading... nothing in the hopper at this time.
I am hoping... my husband will find a permanent job soon.

I am looking forward to...some hook time

I am learning as I get older that priorities and how I feel about things are changing

Around the house... much to do the list gets longer.

I am pondering...baking something wonderful and heartwarming today

A favorite quote for today... it's better to have it and not need it, then need it and not have it.
been telling my kids this since they were small.

One of my favorite things...Crochet and starting a new project

A few plans for the rest of the week: continuing gathering items for goodwill

A peek into my son is going to shadow at a high school today, so our routine will be different, a meeting for work and Crochet time



Jerralea said...

I enjoyed reading your daybook. I hope you are able to have plenty of hook time and that your husband finds enjoyable employment that is permanent - and satisfying.!

Hilary Cook said...

This crochet hearts are adorable. I enjoyed reading your daybook. Have a great week.