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We are shaped and formed
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The Love of Vintage Potholder

The Love of Vintage Potholder
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~Oliver Wendell Holmes 1867~

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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Doing a little crafting and eating fresh corn :)

No, not necessarily at the same time though. :)
I mentioned a few posts back about making a fabric wreath. I finally got it finished. I am not a real sewer on the machine or otherwise, and you may even say that I Sew Challenged to a degree. As I always do, I change the pattern up a bit, and did so with this one, I feel it makes it unique to me. Do you do that when you make something?

My sweet little singer sewing machine, belonged to my mom. This I has moved around with me from pillar to post
circa 1955, someday I'd like to put it in a sewing cabinet, and into a craft room up all the time for when I need it.  I bust it out of it's case about once a year.  
 I'm getting a hankerin to crochet something, the pain in my wrist did not subside when I stopped  for a while, so if I'm going to hurt I might as well be doing something lovely.  Thinking about crocheting a wreath maybe for the front door, something for the fall, Love the Fall :)
We went to the farm market today, and purchased bi color sweet corn. This family has been in business since my husband and I were small and went there with our families. It is so good, and it is such a simple pleasure we look forward to each year. I found a recipe to soak it a bit, and then cook it out on the grill, never tried it before.  I've eaten it that way, but never cooked it that way.
I still have not decided about the blog, whether I want to move everything, begin anew, or just change the name here.
The name of my blog will be changed to Charmed by the Simple,  I have changed it here on my current blog, but not sure which direction I am headed.  

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Charlotte Huffman said...

Crochet and corn, two of my favorite things! Love fresh corn! Have you tried the microwave method of cooking on the cob? Hope your wrist feels better.

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