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We are shaped and formed
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The Love of Vintage Potholder

The Love of Vintage Potholder
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Monday, November 9, 2015

Moving about the homestead this day...

It is another one of those extra bonus days we get here in NE Ohio, blue sky, sunshine and crisp in the air.  I took the liberty of hanging out a pair of lace curtains, and my pesky hexy crochet afghan to blow the dust away. We had to get a new Christmas Tree, and so I am moving the living room around vacuuming and such, windows open and enjoying the precious weather we have today.
I have been looking for a Turkey platter for many years, I wanted one like my mom had that my sister has.  Over the weekend I did some shopping around and think I found one like mom's, but it is mom's and so I kept looking.  I eventually popped over to ETSY, and found a lovely plate that I cannot believe wasn't scooped up.
It's so Vintage, from 1930's. 

It will look lovely on the table filled with the carved Turkey, I don't think it will hold a 16# turkey, and won't even try.
It is lovely, and I asked the shop owner if she new the history of the piece.
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I've got some more chores to do, so I'm moving on....
catch up with you all later.


Karen Del Tatto said...

This was such a lovely post. Truly a breath of fresh air!

I remember my grandmother's and my mom's turkey platter. Seeing yours brought back so many wonderful memories.

I was blessed to visit here. :-)

Faith said...

Thank you Karen, I hope you'll stop again. :)

JES said...

Lovely platter! :)

Leaving the light on for you