Thursday, September 24, 2020

Preparing for the garlic planting in the wee garden

 Thank you all very much for the nice comments from the previous days posting. I really do appreciate it. Yesterday, did a little bit of garden tidy. I moved the larger lavender from the square garden, and 3 smaller plants which grew from seed which are the pink Lavender which were in one pot. Moved them to the very sunny and hot, and I mean rock solid soil. Only the hearty stuff on the south side of the house. I hope they take, and flourish. 

I now have room in the wee square garden for more tomatoes and peppers for next year, and lots more garlic, which will be going in next month. I left one Rose, and the small Rosemary in there.  I have to say that I was not the digger, that would be long & tall my youngest, he did a good job. 

On the crochet front

I'm playing yarn chicken now, so I think it is good enough in it's overall width, I'll be working the border over the next few days.The open boxes are the collor, and the sollid part is the back of the shawl.It will have a picot edging.

Well, Peace to you all today!

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Clothesline Catchup & grateful Mom

And what a beautiful morning it is, oh I do love me some Fall weather, just a "hint" of cool air, clear blue skies...beautiful.

Thank you all for the comments, I must spend a moment popping over your places as well. I run out of daylight sometimes. 

A few changes in the routine here, our oldest young man got a new job. He still lives at home with us, he will 24 in December. He has what "they" called a learning disability, and provided us with a list things he won't be able to do. He got his 1st job at Wendy's 3 years ago. Over that time I have seem him grow, adapt and learn new skills and overcome challenges. They-again they he can't count money, he won't this and he won't that. In that 3 years he learned every job there.

So now he is on to a new adventure...he is a culinary aid at a local nursing home. Yesterday was his first day, it is FULL time, and he is making 2.00 more an hour. He is over the moon. His schedule is set, no more different times, calling when nobody shows up...Benefits. 

Younger son the TALL one, has a job also now, he works part time, the schedule is flexible, and its duration is unknown, but he is getting skills also which will help him. He works at a local Funeral home, doing ground maintenance and washing cars, he likes it. 

We have wonderful young men clean, responsible & kind. They will do well in their lives.

Grateful Mom!


Monday, September 21, 2020

This n that over the clothesline

Hello Neighbors,

A moment or two of your time today, I know you are all busy, tidying up your gardens, and preparing your harvest. We've readied our wee little garden spot and next month I'll be planting garlic again, this time much more. 

Working on 2 shawls at one time. I found some pretty yarn at Hobby Lobby this time it's the I Love this yarn brand by HL. The colorway is Berry it is a stonewashed. So far it is coming along pretty nice. The other one is Hobby Lobby Bisquit which I already shared about. That one is soft and has a lovely sheen.One or both may be going into my Etsy Shoppe.

I LOVE THIS YARN 5 oz New 4 Ply Med Worsted STONEWASH Berry Hobby Lobby 252 Yds 

The Sourdough! Oh dear..I made it all the way to day7. It got dumped today. I believe I had bad bag of  flour. There were little black flakes in the starter, not sure what they were but I never got rid of them. I thought they may have been fruit flies. 

 Today, I made overnight sourdough starter, and it was in there too! So I had to dump the flour out, luckily I had a fresh bag and it seems ok so far. First time that ever happened. Didn't see them in the flour, once the water was added you noticed it.  

So new starter day 1. 

Along with beefing up the pantry, I thought it would be a good idea to have some starter on hand, and the discard I can use for pancakes.

That's my story for today, and I'm stitcken to it.