Sunday, March 29, 2020

Garden Opportunity today

Out in the yard this day, it's a lovely, breezy and changing day. Everything had a good dose of rain, I took the opportunity to move some Tiger Lillies, plant some Calendula seeds in my herb garden, and plant a Blue Hosta. Have you ever?

 I found this at my local grocery store, they are more turquoise or aqua then a true blue from the package. Pretty. Things are coming up, but I don't think my little blue bells will make again this year, maybe they are on lag time. None the less, the Alium are up, and the Hyacynths bloomed, some of them. And there are Daffy's beautiful lovely Daffy's bright as the sun. 

I am going to try to make newspaper seedling pots. The  jiffy pot which I got at the $ store and the seedling soil produced nothing. I know it is a little extra work, but I've never done it before, and thought it would be fun. Maybe we'll try some tomatoes this year, hope springs eternal.

okee dokee.....check please on the sewing!

Those of you who sew, either by hand or machine.  I salute you. And rest assured, you will not have competition from me. It's a good thing there is not "sewing police". 

I finished this extremely basic, simple wreath...WHEW!

Here is the all it's glory. 
The wreath swallows up the pattern, see....just not my thing...
I think the wreath form is to small. One size up will work better.
That will have to wait won't it. ?

Disclaimer: Photo not taken by a professional....

JoAnn's was open, sure they are essential?  Arn't they? They sell sewing machines, &some sewing machine needles/oils, but did not have the little felt circles. I found a piece of felt for .59 cents, and cut it out about the size of the bobbin, and I placed that under the spool,  works just fine. I also purchased a quilting square template, maybe someday, I will use it to make another sewing project...that is what it is for me a project. 

I'm not down & out, just out for now. 
 I have some pretty fabric that can be made into something lovely. 

The thing is I want to sew, I made a couple of quilts in my time. Both me & my machine were much younger then.They were scrap fabric quilts, simple & square.
My husband pointed out that JoAnn's is not an essential business, but then again any man may think that at any time wouldn't they?  I'll get there again after all this stay at home place is settled.
Won't I ?
The fabric is pretty isn't ? I have some left, being sew challenged, any ideas?

Rolling Thunderstorms all night long, rained pretty hard, I heard it pelting the house. Heavy rain, I hope folks basements didn't flood. With all this cement and less trees or grass, they keep building and building...the rain has no where to be absorbed into nature.

Till next time !

Friday, March 27, 2020

Sew & Sew

Hello All!
We talked a few posts back at the possibility of me doing some sewing. My husband brought the old Singer up, and I found a place which had been occupied and was now open. So it's up..and running...
I have a few sewing questions....I am sew challenged. I've done some, not alot of sewing, is it supposed to be relaxing? 

 I got the fabric cut, and managed to at least sew the 2 90" pieces together to form a tube. I got tired, there was some seam ripping which needed to go on.. Oh bother!

I bought material at least 4 or 5 years ago intending to do something with it. We were in Amish Country at the fabric store. I may make make a pillow with the remaining,  ambitiously cautious.

Which causes me some undue tension. My little machine does NOT hum along....sometimes
is sticks and sews in the same place, all bunched up..😒 What causes that? This machine is from the '50's, I can't say it's been it is still in pretty good shape. I think I need some or at least one of the little felt things which goes around the thread holder. 

But what about tension, what should it be set at.? 0?  Sometimes, the thread winds around the holder and that could be part of the problem...I will see if JoAnn's is open today, I heard that Micheals was. 
Essential business?  I guess it depends on who you ask.
You'll laugh when you see how simple this pattern is. My MIL had this pattern, she paid .25 for it somewhere, or got it from somebody who did. It took me a minute to figure it out,  I may re write the pattern so I can read it the way it is done, for me in case in another 5 years I may want to make another one.   😄

Stay well !
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