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~Oliver Wendell Holmes 1867~

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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Christmas Rose Pointsetta...have you ever?

Each year, my husband & I take one day out and go to the local nursery to take in the beauty of the
season which is Christmas. This year was no exception. It was the perfect day to go, cold, dark and just a slight random snowflake. There is every color imaginable with the Pointsetta, some have sparkles, blue,purple,yellow...for some not for me..I am traditional and like the red ones...I hadn't planned on buying one this year, as I have a cutting from 2 Christmases ago which now needs potted, until I saw this one.
Christmas Rose it is called. The picture doesn't do it justice, and it looks more pink, but it is in the traditional red of Christmas. There is a support which is around these beauties, as I imagine they are top heavy..The leaves are also pretty in their own rite.
Click on the picture, to see if you can catch how pretty this is.


Clara said...

Faith, I cannot believe how full and beautiful this plant is! I don't blame you one bit for purchasing one.
I will have a look at them next time I am out for certain.

pattas said...

Its gorgous.. I love the centre of the flower with the yellow and green .The colours of Christmas.. one could just about say they look like beads.))and the petals of paper crepe. Its lovely :))

Cindy said...

Faith they do seem to be more colorful this year! Walker came home from Home Depot the morning after Thanksgiving with 6 of them..he said they were for sale a dollar each.The lady said every year they open at 5:00 am and they sale the poinsettas at 1.00 each and they are sold out by 7ish. He was there at 6:00 and said there were hardly any. I set them by my tree and in the Dining room. I didn't know you could plant them?How do you do this?
So see we both are enjoying our plants!! Now when I look at mine I will think of Faith!!
Thanks for the milk yesterday!!

hugs and lovin..Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

Faith said...


I had one which looked poorly, and new it wouldn't last long, so I took a cutting and put it in has roots. In the spring I will just pot it up and see what happens. The type of plants need certain light conditions to force them into bloom. So many hours of light/dark. I'll have to read up on that.

Faith said...

Oh Pattas, these pictures just don't do it justice. They really do look like a rose, but with the familiar pointsetta leaves. I also saw some which more like the traditional plant, but the leaves instead of being flat...were ruffled...also lovely....

Faith said...

Hi Miss Cindy, these are abundant this time of year...I wonder what they do with all the leftover ones? At the greenhouse, I suppose that they cut them back and start over.

Faith said...

Clara, these beauties were grown up in your next of the woods...Canada...thank you...:)

Mary at Deep South Dish said...

I'm like you - a traditional gal - but this one is very unique! I need to look for one!!

glor said...

I have never seen such an amazingly beautiful poinsettia. I wouldn't be able to resist that either. You certainly have been graced with this beauty!

crochet lady said...

So very nice to meet you Faith. Thank you for your comment on my angel post.

That is a very lovely poinsettia, the petals look like ruffles.