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stitch at a time taken patiently.

~Oliver Wendell Holmes 1867~

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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Here's to all the ripples in your Pond...

I recently read this in a book, I am reading  and re-reading because I didn't finish it. The book is not a difficult read and required me to only read 1 page for every day of the year. Some of you may have read it already, maybe several times. This year..I feel that I am hungry for the book, and intend to read it, in it's entirety by the end of the year. It is designed to start with January tomarrow I begin it again. It has been on the nightstand and the last few nights I have been reading through as title pages caught my eye, as I search for answers and clarity..
I'm paraphrasing here, and I hope that you get the struck me as particularly interesting because it changed the thought perception from can do to is doing...regardless of the expected outcome. The author
(paraphrase)  suggests that every time that you do something new, whether or not you think it a success or not, the mere fact that you are doing it is liken to dropping a pebble into a pond. It makes the very first ripple. And each time you step out of yourself, and do that which is new, you are dropping a pebble in the water, creating more and more ripples....until one day....the ripples all come back to you in a profound way.   I like that. Even though you may not see any evidence or proof that something is working, be assured that the ripple is coming back, profoundly.
How exciting! 
So, keep creating, dreaming, designing, praying, hoping....because it is all good, it comes back to you.

the book....

Simple Abundance
a daybook of comfort and joy
Sarah Ban Breathnach  

You can find this at your local library, like I did initially. But remember 1 page for a year...or you
can order it from Amazon....see the side bar to take a look at the book, and see if it something
you would be interested in reading. I also ordered  Peace and Plenty just the other day, this is a new book by Sara. She also has a website,  
If you decide to read this along with me, let me would be fun as we are on the quest
Simple Abundance.. 


Mary at Deep South Dish said...

I have that book and I don't think I ever finished going through it to the end myself. I guess it's sort of the same way with me with many things. I start but never finish. Like walking every day LOL!

I'll be watching to see the perceptions you draw from it. I hope that you find peace in your journey with it!

T's Daily Treasures said...

Hi Faith, my post for today is also about Simple Abundance. I reread it every year. unfortunately, I usually forge ahead and complete it much too early, but this year, I would like to savor each day so will take it as it comes, day by day. Enjoy the Simple Abundance journey. :) Tammy

Beansieleigh said...

Ethel.. As soon as I can some money back into my account, (the holidays, you know.. And I suppose Amazon will require it! ha! ha!).. I will look into this book! It sounds good, and good FOR me I'm sure, and I'd love to read along with you, soon as I can get it! Maybe I can put my order in tomorrow.. We'll see! Happy New Year! ~Lucy

Faith said...

Oooh that would be so much fun..
that makes at least 2 of us..maybe there are more.....if you can't order it right away...try the library while your waiting.

pattas said...

Thanks for stopping by Faith :))
I will check this book out at the library as it sounds rather good.
I will check back again and take a good look at the other links...
Have a blessed day.
Hugs ((:))))

Rebecca said...

I have one of her books and it is really good-will check into this one-thanks for sharing!

glor said...

I have to go pull out my Simple Abundance book, I've had it for years, don't know that I got through the whole year either but I remember is being quite profound.

Rebecca said...

I wanted to come back and tell you that one of her books that I own is Mrs. Sharp's Traditions. I bought it at Walmart several years ago and it's filled with many wonderul ideas!

Faith said...

Hi Rebecca, thank you for the update, I will look into that...I have not heard of that book...

Faith said...

I just put a hold on it at the Library....Yeah! Thank you for telling me about it ......