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I'm a lover of vintage times and simple elegance of another era. I'm waiting a while for my special little farmhouse. While I'm waiting, I'm making good use of my time creating lovlies with my crochet hook n thread or yarn, and baking and cooking from scratch for my family.

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Take your needle my child and
work at your pattern it will come out a
rose by and by. Life is like
stitch at a time taken patiently.

~Oliver Wendell Holmes 1867~

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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The thought for today....Not on my time...

Because this is a Chrsitmas Cactus, I thought it should have bloomed at Christmas..It didn't. But now, when all the decorations are put away, and looking out the window the colors of gray and white blanket the neighborhood, this little beauty has buds. Right on time..I have two of these, one is a Thanksgiving Cactus, it is blooming now also. No matter when I think they should bloom, when the conditions are right they will bring forth flowers. These type of plants require so many hours of daylight and darkness to bloom. They have to go through a process to produce the beauty which is their flower. Not on my time, but right on time. So I have to wonder to myself is it the same with our lives? When we think, and when it is are two different events.But it is always right on time. As with these flowers and all living things, there must be a time rest, renew and regrow, to produce the beauty which is the bud and flower. 
It is not on my time...but right on time....


Doris Sturm said...

I love those little Christmas Cactus - my neighbor has one and it's blooming in a pretty maroon red...I have a plant that was given to me called a "Monkey plant" but don't have the real name and it's giving me pretty pink blossoms that are much appreciated when everything looks so brown and boring outside - since we get no snow :-(

glor said...

Yup, that's it! Right on time too! Have a splendid evening. Blessings.

Cindy said...

I use to raise these in the nursery..we would make them bloom by putting them in a dark area no light for about 3 weeks...then we would set them out..and bingo...they would bloom right at Christmas. I always felt guilty..I wanted to tell the customers what we did. I think they should bloom on their own schedule!!
You will sooo enjoy that little splash of color. I think I will put that on my calender for next year to buy me one!!

Thanks for sharing..Hugs Cindy

crochet lady said...

Yes, indeed that often seems to be how the process of blooming works...just at the right time.