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I'm a lover of vintage times and simple elegance of another era. I'm waiting a while for my special little farmhouse. While I'm waiting, I'm making good use of my time creating lovlies with my crochet hook n thread or yarn, and baking and cooking from scratch for my family.

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~Oliver Wendell Holmes 1867~

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Saturday, December 10, 2011

A little emotional..and then lets talk some will make us feel better no?

Well, we just finished up supper, for the 16th birtday party extravaganza, actually it was a very quiet affair, just the 4 of us. It is a nice evening, and happy memoy...I'm feeling a bit melancholy...those of you who have been this route know what I'm talking about I think. Feeling very emotional and came in to blog...supper dishes will wait a while. DS wanted cheesecake instead of regular cake..I remember his 1st birthday cake, in the shape of Thomas the Train, homemade butter cream frosting and attempt for it to look like Thomas, of course it didn't.,.but he knew who it was. Digressing.......
the cheesecake. 
My son like vintage...WWII and that era and he can tell you about anything from that time period., so I went to the old google and looked for a cheesecake recipe with that theme in mind. I remember the cheesecake my mom made, the best. My husband says his grandmother made a very good cheesecake, so I looked for a recipe from 1940, and would you believe I found one. ? 
Alll I typed in was 1940 cheesecake recipe....who would have thought it.
and you can find the recipe
It was simple, as I like things, and creamy and vintage...and made my not so small baby boy
very happy.
he's 5'8 and weights 190 lbs....oh boy......So it was a wonderful day,

Hoping your having a wonderful day wherever you are. I saw over at, a recipe for a gingerbread wreath, I believe that could be in our future..and the boys would love to make it with me...


Ann Nichols said...

Sounds like such a wonderful celebration... What a lovely cake to bake for him... Many many more joyous birthday celebrations to him...and you all together!

Kateri said...

I love that your son appreciates a vintage recipe! How cool is that!