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Friday, January 13, 2012

A Crochet question.....

I've got the "itch" to make crochet them I should say....Never have, and never thought about it much.  Got to poking around and thought why not?   What opinions do you have about them?
Do they work well?  I use handywipes to wash dishes with now, after a few washings they need to washed themselves. How does the crochet washcloth stack up?   I would like to use what I have on hand to make one or two...and of course Vintage pattern is what it's all about...I have size 3 & 10 in cotton thread....what size hook?
I'd like an all purpse pattern, something square & Simple ...not to foo DH does dishes too....something he can wrap those big hands around...looking for a pattern...that uses the size yarn I have on hand....


Thanking you for stopping in....:)


Tina said...

Hi Faith, nothing quite like a nice crocheted cotton dishcloth.. They wash well and don't get that horrid smell that the bought acrylic/man made fibre type get.. Look forward to seeing what you come up with.. have a great day.. Tina

pattas said...

I love my crochet dish cloths.. You can make them as big as you wish.. They wash so well and if they happen to smell, leave them in a solution of white vinegar and water..
I use 4 and 8 ply, 3.50, 4mm hook.. there are so many patterns on the net..
Go for it Faith I can't wait to see what you come up with :))
have a great weekend friend :))

DaCraftyLady said...

I love washcloths crochet...there are a lot of great patterns out there and some are really cute. I made some for gifts at Christmas added some special handmade soaps and a small candle wrapped it is tulle and tied it with a ribbon...they were well appreciated....Valentine's Day is coming up???

vikki said...

Hi Faith..I use the sugar and cream cotton..I found some at the dollar tree for only a dollar!! They are really absorb stuff..I mostly use them for spills and stuff that needs scrubbing..I love them...hope that helps..

Michelle said...

I just bought yarn today to make dish clothes. It's my first time making them . Hopefully they turn out. I know yarn has to be 100 percent cotton. The rest of it ,I am winging.

Faith said...

Wow...thank you ladies for all your input...definately going to get into this...

Anonymous said...

Hi Faith! Crocheted dishcloths are quick and easy and make great gifts. I also use the sugar and cream. I've also bought a large cone of cotton yarn. They can be a simple as a granny square with an edging. Have fun! Marianne, SE Penn.

C and C Antiques and Animals - What a Life! said...

Good luck with your dishcloths! Can't wait to see them and see how they hold up for you.