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Saturday, June 2, 2012

I really am ' SEW" challenged, can you help?

I come up with the darndest things, and then can't figure out how to do it.. It is the whole hoop thing...
I remembered I had some eyelet material I never used on another one of those " darndest things", which never got completed. So I have a lovely piece of eyelet material, with an edge which "I THINK" will make a dandly ruffle.

 Here is where I am sew dilemma.

My hoop is 10", so I am "thinking" which got me into this, that I need at least a double amount of a circle out of the material.  20", am I correct so far?  So now, I need to make a circle out of a rectangle piece of material...oh bother....or not?  It occured to me that the ruffle (end) is a straight piece so I can't do this can I?
 What I want to do is not cut up the material but once for the circle, and not have to sew and attach things...
because I am  "Sew Challenged "
 make sense.

Is there a way that I can cut a straight piece and make it ruffle?

Oh Bother....

I'm going to crochet for a while and leave this be, do some more grand thinking....HA!


Mary said...

Sometimes I overthink things, gets me into trouble too...I am not quite sure what you mean. Do you want the fabric in the hoop to still be rectangle? I am confused but it is don't judge by me. I need to get dressed, I am going to do a little shopping/window shopping with daughter and granddaughter. I will check back and see what other commenters post. Hope you have a fun day at your work and get those heirloom tomatoes

Sandy said...

Not sure I totally understand your question, but are you trying to add the ruffle to a circle and the piece of eyelet is straight? If so, that does work. You would need to measure the circumference of the circle to make sure you have enough. It will be a bit awkward initially, but if you pin it and stitch by hand...personally I think that's easier then using a machine. But, if you want to do it with the machine, I might suggest stitching lightly by hand first, so you have the placement and then stitch over it with the machine.

Visiting all Flat Stanley's followers and those on the blog log today. Have a great wkend.

Faith said...

I am sew challenged...LOL...

It is hard to describe, the hoop is round. the material is currently rectangle, and I want it to be round...but I want to cut the ruffle ( which is the pretty
edge of the material ) round and not keep it seperate....

thank you for all your help....