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Friday, December 7, 2012

I have a fancy for cofee's true...

Vintage of course  or so it might seem.   I suppose I do sorta fancy them, I don't know why. I like coffee, and in the right kind of pot can make or break it.  Mr. Coffee's have been around a long time, and over the years..I don't think they are all that...they are doesn't mean good coffee. Usually my first cup is the best and after that...they just arn't as good.  We have a Keurig at work...not something I would want for myself either.So when my 3rd Mr. Coffee in as many years wouldn't produce the java this week, my heart hearkened back to one which caught my eye at a local consignment made my heart go pitter patter...

I left it there sadly,over the summer.. knowing what my DH would say bringing home yet another coffee pot.  The last one the Corningware Blue Willow sits on my stove..I bought that one for nostalgia, as a little girl had a set of those dishes..I brought it up to him again about "THE POT" that I saw...go get it he said...surely I thought I had mis heard him, I didn't question or asked to repeat..I got in the car before he could change his mind. LOL

I arrived at the little shoppe all filled with wonderful throwback items..I have bought several things here, it is a consignment shoppe.  I meandered through from front to back in the little store, preparing myself incase the coffee pot, excuse me, percolator was sold since the last time. 

It was still there! In fact there were 2 now...the one which I saw originally, and a second one which wasn't taken care of quite as well.  

There is a nostalgia for this pot also, carried in my hearts memory...long long time ago, a little girl fascinated with this coffe pot..I don't remember who had one, if it was my mom, or an Aunt...but I loved to watch it make coffee.... Back in the day..when you went to visit coffee was always on, and the aroma of the ground beans would fill the house, it was welcoming and friendly and some lovely sort of homemade bakery to go with it all. This is that makes wonderful coffee, and it is steaming hot, and cup after cup it tastes just as good....I get tickled just plugging it in...

Oh...the simple joy of the hearts memories...for just a moment...I am that little girl again....watching the coffee being made, and smelling that aroma...and that comfy cozy feeling....from my old
Vintage Percolator....thank you lady who took such good care of you that I may now enjoy....the memory again....and again...

Circa 1960, there are lights in the bottom, that are lit, and the coffee drips down and the water changes to a beautiful caramel color, and they brewing cycle continues..It takes about 5 minutes
for 5 cups...and the aroma.....:)




Stitchy Mc Floss said...

Oh, it's darling!

My Dad would only use a percolator coffee pot. His was ancient. He use to say that the Mr. Coffee machines did not taste as good as the percolator. I know he's smiling down from Heaven on you today in agreement with this post.

Have you noticed that many of the things that we had as kids were so much better than the "new and improved" crap that is made in china that they have out there today.

I think that is because when stuff use to be made in the USA there was a sense of pride in what you created. That's something you can't teach people, you are either born with it or not.

Oh, and I just had to say your comment about the newer pots making it really fast but that it wasn't good...I think that applies to everything. Just because it's fast, most certainly does not make it good!

Oh, I'll be swinging by your place later today to pick you up so we can head to Glo's for a tea and cookies crochet in, if you're up to it. :)

Blessings always my dear friend.

Vikki Hooks said...

Good morning. I am not a coffee drinker, but I love the smell of brewing coffee..I am glad your pot was still there. Must have meant to be yours when you first laid your eyes upon it. I am happy it found its way home. Have a joyous day.

Our Neck of the Woods said...

What a lovely story! It is such a cute coffee pot. I'm glad it was still there when you went back. I bet it makes delicious coffee! So nice that you have happy memories about it :)

Bev said...

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thanks and i can't wait to visit all the other blogs
new follower bev

Faith said...

Thank you all for stopping over...I am always joyed when you take the time..leave a part of yourself here on my little blog...

Deborah Jean at Dandelion House said...

Hi Faith!
So great to pop over and have some coffee with you from your vintage coffee maker! That is really neat! I could swear my mom had one just like it! Happy holiday season to you!

Faith said...

Thank you for all stopping over and sharing in my joy of the Vintage makes my heart dance with joy...and so does your comments.