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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Doin the Sanford and Son in 14 degree weather

I've been driving the way I always go, and it's always fun to see what things folks are putting out on the tree lawn for trash.  Since last Tuesday, I have driven by a particular house which had a  piece out there which reminded me of something I had from my youth. I don't know where it went, and because I was immature didn't care at the time. So this piece struck a chord with me. Every day I would pause and look  at it trying to figure out where I will put it, what kind of shape is it in. How? will I get it home. 
We drove by it again today, and tomarrow is trash day again. It has been sitting out in sub degree weather, and I wanted to rescue it, should I ?  Will it fit in the SUV?  Well, my neighgor was out and he has a truck with an open bed, and he agreed to go down the street and haul it home for me, so my boys piled in and off they went. They came back without it. I was sad, and started to cry...I waited to long. 
Then, I got my Irish up, and said it can't be gone, it's been there so long, and we just saw it 20 minutes ago. Well, we piled into the SUV, and headed off, I knew right where it was, from the direction from our house it was difficult to see it because it had been covered with snow by the plow, so they didn't see it. 
We pulled up, and it fit pretty good in the trunk, we had to drive with the hazard lights on, and the hatch up,
and my oldest had to walk home, about 12 houses. 
But we got her home, and she is resting comfortable in the basement, the snow melting off, and letting her rest and dry. It is a French Provincial style of dresser, what I had was a desk. This would be easier enough to make into a desk though, She appears to be in good condition from what I can see.. 
and it will be part of my craft corner....:)
Pictures forthcoming.....
stay tuned.

My boys said... " Merry Christmas Mom ", I told them someday you will remember our 
junkin day and you will laugh. I don't make a habit out of this, and so it had to be something
significant for me to do this. 


Charlotte Huffman said...

Can't wait for the pictures! I love junkin' and have to control myself to not stop at junk beside the road. That's why I go to yard sales!

Vikki Hooks said...

Oh so not had me hooked, and then no you know I am waiting for the pic...Merry Christmas!!

Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

Ok now I have the theme song stuck in my head- lol! I don't get opportunities to curb shop but when I do, I almost always have to do a couple of drive bys -,hard and fast rule never send a man that doesn't have a Sanford heart to do the job -- they won't see the treasure and will return empty handed! -Pat