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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The bounty & a kindred soul friend of the crochet kind.

Looking through the wonderful bounty I picked up on Thursday at the Red Geranium, it soon became very obvious to me that these are not random books thrown together because they had become tired of the craft, but rather were a collection of someone who loves crochet as much as I or even you do. It was obvious that these were precious tools to Bernice, yes her name was Bernice, as she had it written on a few pattern books, probably because she loaned them out to friends. I could tell she wasn't just a once in awhile crocheter, but was always searching for patterns and delightful gems in pattern magazines just 10 cents back in the day.
I rescued these gems, gave them a new home for a new generation from a fellow crocheter, she kept them neat and some looked  pretty good for being from the '40's. I can see where she made notations, and some patterns which were shared were typed up, not on a computer but a typewriter, remember onion skin paper?
I didn't know at the store that I would become connected to the original owner by purchasing this treasure trove. Bernice and I would have gotten along splendidly. It made this all the more special.  We've often had discussions here about our collections, and how dear they are to us, and that we hope that someone finds our gems the way I found Bernice's, and loves them and takes care of them as she would have for the next generation of crocheters. I somehow felt happy that Bernice might know that I have her wonderful collection, and that she and her beloved craft will not be forgotten.
I havn't yet photographed the bounty, because I've been going through over and over. There are some that I am not going to keep, and I'm not sure what I will do with them, there are a few knitting, and some pineapple, and an edging or to.
Bad storms in our neck of the woods last night, tornadoes and lots of rain, the tornado  there were more than one, it's 87 and humid again today,
they are calling for possible storms to kick up before the cool front.
Made a peanut butter pie today for desert, going to have a piece of that and some coffee here shortly after we visit a bit.
we'll visit again won't we?


Patricia Lewis said...

Hello Faith :)) A beautiful story..Bernice must have been like us and read and re-read those books..Thanks for sharing this wonderful story I am now looking forward to seeing the pics :)) hugs pat :))

Charlotte Huffman said...

I love finding old crochet books. I have found several at yard sales and when I find them, I feel like running so no one can take them away from me! Hope the storms don't cause damage.

Vikki Hooks said...

I too am happy that Bernice's things have found a good home. I can't think of a better person to have found them. I am looking foward to seeing pics of you new found happy for you.

Stitchy Mc Floss said...

Oh I so love that you now have a fellow hookers patterns. I am more than sure if she could only know that you own them, she would be so very happy. Great finds. Are the knitting ones doilies? I love making knitted doilies, e-mail if they are.

You all stay safe up that way...those storms are in my neck of the woods today..nasty stuff.

((hugs)) and blessings always to you sweet friend.

Sandy said...

Your post made me smile. I can see you fingering the patterns with love. How cool to connect with Bernice that way. Not a name you hear often; but was the name of best friend growing up. Thought of her while reading your sweet post. We've had cooler temps lately, and lots of wet!