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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas Tradition

Christmas Traditions, we all have them.  They've been passed to us by our ancestors and some of those traditions came by necessity because of the seasons, origins of country and what was on hand to do with and so they've, been passed down through the generations as something we've done at Christmastime.  
Aside from the baubles and ornaments or special Christmas decorations or cookies, there comes the Christmas meal. For years, my mother of Hungarian decent made Chicken Paprikash at Christmas, a tradition which started long ago by her mother & grand parents back in the old country, and so on. Of course they made the meal from what was on hand, something hardy and warm to fill the belly's and warm the heart, no refrigeration, it was cold outside, and so nature's refrigerator ( ice box ) would work just fine. 
The ingredients simple in nature, and to be found in or around the farm, at the butcher or from a neighbor,  A chicken, Cream ( sour ), flour & eggs for the dumplings, and don't you dare forget the garlic.    I have found some Paprika ( Hungarian Paprika Pride of Szeged  ) found on your local grocery shelf.) which is from the city where my Grandmother was born, and so each year as a tribute to her, it goes in my Christmas Chicken Paprikash, the tradition reborn for my family to carry on.
My husband is not Hungarian, and yet every year I ask if there is anything he would like me to make and every year it's the same answer Chicken Paprikash. And so it goes as every year round this time, there is a pot of the lusciousness on the stove simmering away, and it will be our meal for Christmas Eve and Christmas, as it was in generations passed. The dumplings will be made by hand using flour and eggs & a nice big pot to cook them in. Oh the joyfulness.
A humble, simple but substantial tradition which has stood the test of time.
We celebrate Christmas Traditions,
because the spirit of Christmas was born
in a tiny Manger.

May your traditions bring you joy
I wish you a Merry Christmas
& a Happy Healthy New Year


Pammy Sue said...

Sounds really good! Would love to see pictures of the noodles and the final dish.

Beansieleigh said...

I've NEVER had Chicken Paprikash before, but it sounds wonderful Ethel! I'll have to look up some recipes for it!.. Funny, it reminds me of the scene in "When Harry Met SallY". Have you seen that movie, where Billy Crystal's character tries to teach Meg Ryan's character to speak about paprikash in a very Billy Crystal kind of way?!!!.. Definitely one of my favorite movies, but too sad to watch right now. "Ricky" and I broke up 'round the beginning of December, so romantic films are not something I turn to these days. COMEDY works best for me right now, and I'm doing o.k.! Keeping my chin up and looking forward to the new year! Wishing you and yours a blessed and very Merry Christmas. ~Lucy

Patricia Lewis said...

Love traditions. ours is very English..:)) But gradually the children are making traditions of their own.. and that is good :)) Thanks for sharing Faith, Christmas is here and very quiet..:)) hugs pat ..xo

Anonymous said...

Lovely blog, i saw you thrue other blogger, will love to visit here more..Happy holidays!