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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Is my cup half full or half empty- at the crossroads or in the crosshairs

Hello all,
It seems as though it has been a while since I posted. There is transition again here at my homestead, or it  turmoil?  Am I making lemonade? You know what they say..when GOD closes one door, he opens a window, I suppose this theory will be tested.  I am trying to stay positive, and not  knee jerk.

I've posted about the DH being laid off, for the last 5 years working summer/winter seasonal jobs hoping to get in and get full time work. It's no different this summer, except that I now have lost my job a week ago from the Park System here in NE Ohio. There was 3 of us in the department, one left because she couldn't find full time, and the boss was a really dilly, they didn't get along.

So when she left there was a p/t position open which they didn't fill, they combined her position, with my hours and transferred somebody over full time.  I think the manager is on the way out, and they brought this other person in to replace her, and they needed my hours. I'll be 58 this July, and I have never been laid off before.

Where does a 58 year old go to get work?  My husband a Veteran. Trying to stay positive, I'm old enough to know that we cannot hold on for to long, and we'll lose our home. I don't worry so much for my husband and I, as I do the boys. What can I do?   I'll keep looking for work for both of us now.

What a sad state of affairs our country is in.

Oh Bother !
What don't kill us will make us stronger.  I'm getting strong like bull!
Anybody in Ohio know of a place that is hiring full time? 



annamaria magda said...

Don ' t worry, in Poland our previous prime minister TUSK prolonged our workinyears to 65 for women and 67 for men, I couldn ' t imagine myself at the age of 60 at the school, greetings, and the head up, I am thinking about you, huggs, anna

Sandy said...

Oh Faith, I've been wondering how you are and what was going on, it's been so long since you've visited. Leaving you a (((HUG)) and will keep you and yours in my thoughts and prayers. How old are the boys? I guess somehow I thought you were an empty nester like me, but then I'm older. I've read that Cosco is hiring and that they're good to work for. Am so sorry to learn of your job situation. Real estate is moving much quicker these days so I wonder if working for a realtor group would be a good option for you. Around here they like to hire older folks vs the youngins because they want a more professional staff. Answering phones and they work other hours which alot of young people won' wkends and evenings.

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Patricia @ Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

Oh Faith!
That doesn't sound good at all...
I haven't got any advice for you.
Hang in there and keep your eyes open for that opportunity.
In the mean time, I agree a sad state of affairs indeed.
I'm praying for y'all.

Susan Dougill said...

I am so sorry! I hope something comes along. Maybe there is something more exciting round the corner that needs you.

Lemon Verbena Lady said...

Sending positive energy your way Faith! xo

Patricia Lewis said...

Dear Faith, It doesn't sound good at all. Its so hard when you have young children .. I can only pray for you all.. Please keep in touch.. Hugs to you all xo..(((X)))

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

We have a similar situation with my husband and at 56, it is hard to find some place that will hire a carpenter that old. I fortunately kept my job for now but the company split and many did lose them. The first thing you should do of course if apply for unemployment if you can and then go to a temp agency and start working. I see it also with my company, they try out workers as temps and then hire if they are satisfied so they don't have to hire/fire if it does not work out. Keep looking full time as well. Speak early to an attorney because if you wait and get close to losing your house, it's too late. They can do thing to mitigate the loss or restructure your loans and any outstanding debt. If you have any unsecured debit (credit cards) they can work with that too. Immediately cut back on anything that is unnecessary except your internet because you may need that to job hunt. Don't go out, cook at home, stop cable tv, etc. Just some quick notes. We've been very close to this before. Sending prayers that this works out for you.