Thursday, March 26, 2020

Chit chat over the clothesline

Good Morning!
The temperature today "they say" whoever they going to be 60's. I'll take it. 
My windows need washed, I may do that today. Move about smartly and get something or other done
we'll see how it goes. Sometimes having no plan I get more done than when I plan to do things, does that happen to you?
I've yet to have coffee or put out the flag, things I do every day to start the day.
I hope that it is lovely wherever you are.  I'm going to hobble on down the stairs to the basement and look through my non crochet craft box, and see what lurks in there. I know I had a wreath form, and some material, and if I can recruit one of my family to bring up the very heavy 1950 Singer Sewing machine, maybe I'll sew up a fabric wreath. I have not sewn in ages. Mainly because, the sewing machine does not have a permanent place.

I'm thinking of closing the crochet blog for the time being. Not much traffic. So, for those of you who do not crochet, it will be most likely posted here once again. Keeping things simple. It's always the best I suppose. 
The Beast
Help yourself to a sugar cookie.



  1. Your post title... my favorite way of thinking of blogging!!! -smile-

    What pretty fabric, on your sewing machine!

    I'm sure you will find a permanent home for it now. Actually, I ought to do that too! Get it down, and play with it again! If I do, it will be thanks to your prompt.

    Yes, keep things simple. That's what I'm doing. Seems the wisest thing to do. And thus, pay more attention, to the simple things.

    Gentle hugs,
    🌸 🌸 🌸

    1. this is an old picture, the fabtic I'm using now is different, but the project is the same. Did a little sewing today, it's not my favorite cup of tea though...

  2. Thank you for the cookie 😄
    Those flowers are so pretty. X

    1. It's always good to have something pretty to enjoy, and something sweet to eat.

  3. I'm sitting here with a nice cup of hot lemon/ginger tea and that cookie is the perfect accompaniment. There's a cold wind today and it does NOT feel like Spring at all. I can't seem to get warmed up today.
    Washing windows is the chore I most dislike. When I finish I still see streaks. Most unrewarding.
    I have a little sign beside my computer that says The Joy of One Thing at a Time. If I just keep on track and do one thing before starting another I get more done. I'm way to distractable otherwise.
    I hope the sun shone warmly on you today!

  4. Oh your cookies and flowers look so nice! Also wanted to thank you for the recommendation of Last Homely House. Just watched first "take care" video. Will watch more as I can. She seems lovely.

  5. Lady Locut, you're welcome stop anytime. Isn't Kate Lovely? Just pick any one of her videos. I look forward to my visit with her every day. I'm glad you liked visiting with her.

  6. We did have wonderful weather today. The cookies look good. My daffodils are about ready to bloom. I love your flowers.

  7. Yes it was really pretty today. Especially when the sun was out. My daffy's are still green, not seeing any bulbs yet. Thank you for stopping over.

  8. What a lovely image, chatting over the clothesline. Thankyou.

    Even though we had a dusting of snow overnight the day has turned sunny and warmish. Perfect day for a lovely walk or two.

    God bless.

  9. Just catching up whilst I have internet connection. I am not a fan of cleaning the windows either. The flowers and the cookies are a delight, I thank you. Take care.


Have a very blessed day and take delight even in the simple things.

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