Sunday, March 29, 2020

okee dokee.....check please on the sewing!

Those of you who sew, either by hand or machine.  I salute you. And rest assured, you will not have competition from me. It's a good thing there is not "sewing police". 

I finished this extremely basic, simple wreath...WHEW!

Here is the all it's glory. 
The wreath swallows up the pattern, see....just not my thing...
I think the wreath form is to small. One size up will work better.
That will have to wait won't it. ?

Disclaimer: Photo not taken by a professional....

JoAnn's was open, sure they are essential?  Arn't they? They sell sewing machines, &some sewing machine needles/oils, but did not have the little felt circles. I found a piece of felt for .59 cents, and cut it out about the size of the bobbin, and I placed that under the spool,  works just fine. I also purchased a quilting square template, maybe someday, I will use it to make another sewing project...that is what it is for me a project. 

I'm not down & out, just out for now. 
 I have some pretty fabric that can be made into something lovely. 

The thing is I want to sew, I made a couple of quilts in my time. Both me & my machine were much younger then.They were scrap fabric quilts, simple & square.
My husband pointed out that JoAnn's is not an essential business, but then again any man may think that at any time wouldn't they?  I'll get there again after all this stay at home place is settled.
Won't I ?
The fabric is pretty isn't ? I have some left, being sew challenged, any ideas?

Rolling Thunderstorms all night long, rained pretty hard, I heard it pelting the house. Heavy rain, I hope folks basements didn't flood. With all this cement and less trees or grass, they keep building and building...the rain has no where to be absorbed into nature.

Till next time !


  1. Your wreath is cute!!! Even though, we don't feel comfortable with a new project, I know. But objectively, it is very pretty.

    And as to the "Not taken by professional photographer"... Come on, you thought to have an interesting backing. Much more interesting, than just a plain wood surface, or some such. Don't put yourself down, about taking pictures. I SEZZZZZZZZZ!!!!

    Yes, we have to deal with reality. If no one seems interested in another blog... Close it down. Makes everything simpler, for you. And of course, you still have this one! For anything you want to post here.

    Gentle hugs,

  2. Wondering if you go to other blogs, and read/comment? I know, from experience (years and years and years of... -smile-) that to have people come and read/comment on our own blog... We HAVE to go and _keep_ commenting, on blogs we like.

    Yes, there is a limit to all this commenting. Eventually, no matter how hard we try to be supportive, some people just have no interest in us. So.... We chalk it up, to a good try. -grin-

    The really *popular* blogs, do this. And it's a lot of work!!!

    So we have to individually decide, how much time/work we want to put into our blog... Do we really want to "do the work," to get more Dear Readers/Commenters?

    I have the time, and I really enjoy blogging. But not everyone has the time.

    Just wondering....

    Gentle hugs...

  3. We had hard rain all night too. There's a lake across the road that normally serves as a parking area. Anyone parking there today and getting out of their vehicle would get a big surprise. The sun has come out now and a gusty wind is blowing. Probably blew the rain clouds away.
    I sewed this morning. I made a real dog's breakfast of a pillow cover. I had a fav. T shirt that was just too short on me so I thought I'd make a cute cover for a small pillow I have. I did okay until the fourth side. Then I realized the corners were not meeting at all. I closed the gap with a few pins and placed the little pillow so you can't see my goof-up. This is why I rarely sew !!

  4. Wispy, oh yes I do visit and leave comments, and often times will follow along and continue to leave comments. Most often I don't get any kind of reply, they reply on their blog, and don't bother to visit mine. It's how it is. I continue to do it though.

  5. Sorry that you do not have traffic on your other blog. I think a lot of people have left blogging in favor of Facebook. Don't get discouraged. I love your wreath.....I love the colors in it. Dont give up on sewing, start out with small projects and just keep going. The fabric is pretty, maybe you can make some pincushions? Stay safe and well!

  6. Love your pretty wreath and I just visited your crochet blog and am a new follower. Dont give up on it. I love seeing your crochet work! Stay safe and well

  7. I think your wreath is just lovely. As far as the leftover fabric it would depend on how much there is. Perhaps a nice cushion?

    God bless.

  8. Loved the wreath and the beautiful array of fabrics that you showed us. I must admit I was surprised to read Joanns was still open but how wonderful for you all that it is. Take care and stay safe.

  9. JoAnn's is essential. They are donating supplies for people to sew masks right now. Love the wreath.

  10. Your wreath is beautiful! I think the photo is great!

    I agree with Kristina. I have been using what's in my stash, but I know many others who are making not only masks, but PPEs. For that alone, I am glad others are able to get the materials they need. I'm working from home for now, for which I am grateful, and I can't even finish a dress for me, much less a PPE! But I'm trying to squeeze in masks whenever I get a chance.

    I'm sorry I don't get to comment as often as I like. I do try to catch up when I get the chance. I love visiting your blog and a few others, but it seems I get to set aside time for blog reading only every other week or so. It's so sad, because that used to be my community! I feel like I've been socially distancing for a lot longer than a month!!!


Have a very blessed day and take delight even in the simple things.

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