Thursday, July 30, 2020

It's Cloudy, loving it!

Finally a cloudy day, a respite from the bright sunshine I crave just about February. It's just to much, the heat & humidity, very little moisture in the form of rain. I get a bit tired of the sun every day this time of year, especially when it's so hot.

I cut back my Lemon Verbena for the 2nd time today,

I am also making a simple syrup for when we make Mojito's, which has to be soon because my Mojito Mint is growing gangbusters in the garden. It will be the 2nd cutting for that as well.

I made some Lemon Verbena/Basil Pesto today, I got about 6 ice cubes in the tray filled.

And then because we need to look up, and when we do we
see things,  I'd love to know what you see when you look at this...
I'll tell you what I saw in my next posting.

If you would like to learn more about LV & get some recipes look



  1. I see a cute little aeroplane. X

  2. Love Mojito's. It was all I drank while in Cuba.

    It is very hot here and we could do with a lovely cooling rain.

    God bless.

  3. Your icecubes sound delicious Faith. I think the clouds look like a wee aeroplane to me.

    1. Julie, the cloud to me look like a bear sitting in a bubblebath. I love cloud watching.

  4. I have no imagination... and am as blind as a it looks like a
    Lenon Verbena is a plant I would like to grow...if I ever have a garden again(I will) and the pesto sounds lush
    We need rain so bad..and a bit of coolness would do us all good
    Have a wonderful weekend
    P x

  5. Phoebe, oh Phoebe, I have seen your beautiful creation on imagination...? I disagree. I hope you get to grow some lemon verbena. It will grow quite well in California.

  6. Swert post, okay don't laugh but does the LV grow as a bush or tree? I have not seen a LV plant or tree before. Enjoy your summer!

  7. Where I live it doesnt get a chance to get very tall. Check the link provided and it will give an idea, Location makesa difference. Thank you for stopping over and commenting. Link


Have a very blessed day and take delight even in the simple things.