Friday, October 16, 2020

Vintage cut glass A show and tell

.   Greetings!

A little show and tell today. 

First off I stopped at Goodwill yesterday, I don't go regularly, but if I happen to be near there or passing by I will sometimes stop. I take more there than I purchase. Yesterday was just the case. I found two items. With mostly the beeswax candles in mind for the pillar candle. These pictures will come another day, as I am very excited to show you another beauty.

And then there is this lovely. Found on Etsy.

 It arrived this morning and it is quite stunning. I'm not sure how old it is. By looking at it, and now that I am in receipt of it, I think it predates the 1950's, It is ornate, and has fine details and pineapple finials. I have a note into the seller to see if they have any info on it's history. This was at one time affixed to the ceiling directly into a light box. I didn't realize that when I ordered it, and we have no light box in the ceiling where I want it to go. I purchased a swag light kit, which I hope ( fingers crossed) that we can just plug this lovely into a wall outlet. 

This is the piece which would have been set flush with the ceiling, The wiring is old and frayed. I believe this to brass, it is some kind of metal.

This piece sets on the glass globes. Which are just stunning and in perfect condition. Pineapple finials.


The cut glass globes.These measure about 8" around, they are just lovely.So they will hang and the finial will be on the bottom, they will be upside down the way you see them now. The ornate piece attaches to the base of these. 

So, my husband has to find the stud in the ceiling so we can place the hook to hang it, it will need re wired, and the dust blown off of it. She will be beautiful. I am so pleased with it. 

Have a beautiful weekend.



  1. Wow, your find is beautiful. We both seem to have found "lighting fixtures" that make us happy! I hope you can get this rewired and hung up soon. I love to decorate with Vintage finds.

  2. What a lovely find. I haven't thrift shopped in a while. I do miss it, but like you I walk out with more than I should lol!

  3. Your light fixture is lovely and a wonderful find!! I love all the old things and used to go searching for them at a time when it wasn't as hard to find them. I have one old light fixture that has a ornate pink 'bowl' that hangs down about a foot. I also have collected cut glass doorknobs like you show on your side bar. As I found them I replaced our regular ones. Now they are rarely to be found.
    I hope your husband can install your new piece with a minimum of trouble.

  4. ooh I love the glass doorknobs. Wish I had them on all my doors. Simply Charming. I have a few I bought here and there. Don't want to part with them, even though they are not on the doors.

  5. That is beautiful! Will shed a kind light :-)

    1. yes, I believe it will. A much needed light, the lamps don't seem to provide much, it seems dark.

  6. Replies
    1. I'm very happy with it. I hope that my husband can get it ready to go soon, I'm anxious to see how the light shines.

  7. I love thrift finds like these. Such a treat. You got a goody!

  8. I got this from Etsy, as usual I was looking for something completely different, isn't that how it works. I'll be posting about the thrift finds soon. Thank you for stopping and leaving a comment.


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