Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Autumn is out there somewhere

Fall !


 Where are you? I've got the cornstalk out, the mums, the inside decorations are up, although I'm keeping it at a minimum this year. But outside 88 degrees. A few tomatoes on the plants, may get big enough to fry up. I've pulled out everything else as it had seen better days. I've cleaned up and battened down for the season. 

Cabinets are coming along, there are 3 left which need sanded and stained. Order has come back to the kitchen. Yesterday I baked a loaf of bread. I havn't baked bread in quite a while and even though the temperatures were not agreeable, I acted as if it were fall. 

Trying to work on some type of crochet project, it's a struggle.

While we didn't get a truckload of produce from our garden, what we did get was enough to sustain us for a few days. I am grateful for the delicious tomatoes. Oh so good, and they were of a nice size. 

I got one butternut squash, about 5" long, first time I ever grew squash. Can't complain. And a few very small sweet potatoes, which will be for one meal, the garlic.  Overall, I would say our garden was a success. Since we took the tree down we have much more sunshine. Made a difference. 

 Made this back in the day, when I had Mojo. 

Have a beautiful day yourself!




  1. My garden produce is coming to an end too, just need to start on the tidy up.

  2. What a cute scarecrow basket. I had to laugh when you said you did it back when you had Mojo! I hear you! Your garden certainly did better than mine. But now the flowers are blooming well in the courtyard garden. The community garden plot was an absolute flop. I made a pecan pie yesterday -- it did heat up the kitchen but I am just so anxious for fall!

  3. I've been missing some posts here I think. For some reason I get notified if you post on your other blog but not this one. To make matters worse the little icon that I could click to add you back on the list has disappeared.
    Oh well, now I know I'll have to remind myself to come and check to see if you have posted.

  4. We are in the midst of harvesting what is left of our garden. Also got home from a vacation to the mountains and so am playing catch up with chores around the house.

    What a pretty wreath.

    God bless.


Have a very blessed day and take delight even in the simple things.