Saturday, October 16, 2021

Hopping Shopping

 Today, it is a typical Autumn day, it is cool and raining, after 82 yesterday and the day before, it looks and feels like Autumn. 

I've got a pot of soup on the hearth, ham broth made from leftover Easter ham with the bone. It's been in the deep freeze and this is a good day to use it up. I've got some beans soaking. 

We have a a 2nd hand store in our area, it's called Seconds City. A consignment shoppe. I like to pop in there occasionally, not to often because I am 2/2. I never leave there without buying something  I am looking for a dresser, last time I came home with the Corner Cupboard. I went once again this time looking for a dresser and I came home with this lovely. 

Before I show and tell, do you often times look for something and not find it? And then when you are not looking for it there it is?  Maybe next time I stop in there I'll look for a couch or table, and I'll find the dresser. I have always wanted a farmhouse table. I saw just the one I wanted years ago, we didn't have the money for it, my husband was laid off. I never saw another one again.  Until 2 days ago..

$174.00 and out the door 

                                                                        At the store
                                                                       at the store
                                                   At the store, the legs are what got me.
                                                                  Here at my kitchen
                                                 I pulled out the leaves, one on each end

      It's been washed with Murphy's Oil Soap. My husband found me Liquid Gold,

                             Remember Liquid Gold, perfect for  dry thirsty wood?

So here I have the leaves extended, they tuck in under the main table. I can't be sure, but I think it is handmade. It is rough hewn, natural scratches and wearing. It isn't a new table made to look old, I believe this is an old table. The shoppe owner told me it was in storage, and resold 4 time as the storage people changed owners, nobody came to claim the table.  

He bought it. It has some lovely carving on the sides.

He estimated it is about 60 or more years of age.  

So there it is the story of my beautimous farm house table. 

I am grateful, it made my week, and the lovely surprise blessings therein. 



  1. I think that table is a lot older than 60 years! I think you may have a genuine antique table now. It's beautiful!

    1. I'm thinking it goes back away myself.It is genuine for sure.

  2. Oh, I love your farmhouse table. It's a beauty. I've looked at lovely tables and really wanted one but my silly kids are so fond of the maple table they grew up eating around that I just can't get a different one. Youngest son loves it the most but his place hasn't got room for it.
    I never know what I'm going to find at the thrift store that I just can't resist but I almost always find 'stuff'. I think as long as I take back approximately as much as I bring home I'm doing okay.

  3. Beautiful! It is amazing the roll a good table plays in the home. I’ve no doubt you will continue to love it as it gives back over the years.

  4. I love your new to you farmhouse kitchen table. I love stained natural wood furniture. Great find. It's amazing how adding some oil refreshes the woods look. Yes, a happy blessing.

  5. What a gorgeous table!!! Love those legs.

    God bless.

    1. that is what caught me eye those legs.thanks for stopping in.

  6. The table is absolutely beautiful! I think it is much older than 60 too. Wish I could trade out every piece of furniture in our house for something antique. Lucky you. So happy for you!


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